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The Ultimate Guide To MOT Testing

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To legally drive in the United Kingdom, car owners possessing vehicles over three years old need to have an MOT test done so that the car is declared safe for the roads. However, this test isn’t only about maintenance. MOT tests have a signi?cant role when buying, selling, or transferring  the vehicle to someone else. Driving without a valid MOT could lead to negative points added to one’s license, getting a ?ne, or receiving a ban from driving.

Understanding the importance of the MOT

First introduced in 1960, the MOT test was initially only a necessity when cars were old. However, with time, the authorities decided that they needed to get the tests done sooner and more regularly, and they started increasing the number of checks signi?cantly. From motorcycles to big lorries, the MOT checks covered all vehicles. The tests include checks on various parts of the vehicle to make sure they adhere to standard safety requirements. These standards were laid down by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Authority (DSVA).

Cars that pass the test are provided a VT20 MOT Test Pass certi?cate, while those that fail the test receive a failure certi?cate. If the vehicle is found to be in very bad condition during the test, the owner will not be permitted to drive o? with the car until the repair work is completed. While this can be done at the center itself, individuals can also opt to have the repairs done at an outside garage if it is more monetarily feasible.

However, the caveat here is that old or completely new cars need not take the MOT test, which applies to all vehicles less than three years old, or four years old in Northern Ireland and when it comes to old cars, all those that were registered more than 40 years ago have not undergone any substantial changes. But an MOT exemption form may have to be ?lled and submitted.

People can work on ?nding the nearest MOT center by going online through local business

 listings and ?nding the best options to work with.

What items does the MOT cover?

From checking if the Vehicle Identi?cation Number is there to ensure the registration plate is properly done, the list of checks some of the following things:

  • Wipers and windscreen
  • Seatbelts, seats, and seat adjustments
  • Horns
  • Headlight, brake light, and other beams
  • Steering and suspension
  • Emissions
  • Bodywork
  • Doors and Mirrors
  • Brakes, Wheels, and Types

Individuals are advised to check these items before going in for a test so that there is no need to unnecessarily pay extra at the center for repairs or to have a retest done for such simple ?xes.

How to check the status and history of an MOT?

Individuals wishing to know the status of their MOT can visit the DVLA website and check the status online. This facility comes in handy when looking to purchase a vehicle and wanting to know if the car has passed the test or simply if the person is unsure about their renewal date. Many third-party sites also provide this facility. By providing the registration number, most sites send reminders to allow an individual to keep track of their MOT dates. We used a really good MOT service in Walthamstow recently, who provided an excellent service and we found them from their amazing reviews, so always check reviews before choosing an MOT provider.

Checking the Government MOT checker of DVSA provides not only the vehicle’s MOT status but the tax details are also made available by simply entering the vehicle registration information and ensuring that the car displayed is the same one. The MOT status and tax status along with the year of registration and manufacture can be checked for any car in this manner thus bringing greater transparency to the process of reselling or buying a used vehicle. The MOT test information provided is very detailed and shows what faults were identi?ed, why the car failed, etc.

On the other hand, a vehicle history report can also be checked by accessing the DVSA details. For individuals opting to use third-party sites, the MOT history, as well as test date reminders, are

provided through email services which become useful to avoid an exorbitant ?ne and other penalties for missing the date.

Does MOT a?ect car insurance and tax?

According to the law, a valid MOT certi?cate is a must for any vehicle to be on the road after the ?rst three years. But at the same time, it is also required for car tax and insurance. For people who are not driving their vehicle or taxing the car, it is important to put forward a Statutory

O?-Road Noti?cation (SORN). However, ensuring things are done properly is important because if the MOT and road tax are simultaneously due and the tax runs out before the MOT certi?cate is obtained, the process of moving forward could be tiresome. To avoid this, individuals are advised to either tax the car earlier or go in for the MOT test before the due date so that they do not    clash.

To ensure vehicles for use on roadways, having a valid MOT is pertinent. Insurance covers may be needed for vehicles kept away from the highway as well as to travel to the MOT test facility because the possibility of having the insurance policy declared invalid could surface if the individual is driving without a valid MOT. However, it is best not to make an insurance claim on a car that doesn’t have a valid MOT as the pay-out will be reduced to a signi?cantly lower value.

Can a damaged test certi?cate be replaced?

Driving without a valid MOT can have severe repercussions, so if an individual has lost or misplaced their MOT test certi?cate, it is best to get it replaced at the earliest. A new certi?cate can be obtained from any MOT test center. The vehicle registration details along with a V5C reference are all that need to be provided and a replacement document will be issued at a small cost.

Given all the above information, it would make sense for vehicle owners to keep track of their  MOT test dates and get the job done. It takes just a day if the vehicle is in good condition. People can sell cars not possessing a valid MOT, but the new driver cannot legally drive the vehicle until they complete the test. Additionally, the possibility of having fewer buyers arises as the lack of   the MOT Pass certi?cate implies that the vehicle may not be in good condition, which could cause potential buyers to hesitate or may simply fetch a lower price for the vehicle.

Thus, it is relevant to consider these factors and get the required certi?cate so that driving continues to be a safe and enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

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