/The Complete and Only Best Car Tires Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Complete and Only Best Car Tires Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Have you ever walked into a car tire shop and felt completely overwhelmed?

There are so many types of tires that the market size is projected to be worth a whopping $154 billion by 2027. Buying the wrong tires can have dire effects on your car’s performance because they are the only contact you have with the road.

So what are the best car tires? The ones that can handle the weather and road conditions you’re driving in. This simply means that there are different types of tires for all terrains and weather conditions.

Here’s another question: how do you choose the best car tires for your vehicle? Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’re going to address.

Original Tires Vs. New Brands

When tire shopping for the best car tires, the best place to start is with the original equipment. When we say the original equipment, we mean the same type of tires that your car came with when you first bought it. If you like the way your car rides and handles itself on the road, then similar tires may be your best bet.

Check the car manual to know exactly what tires were specifically designed for your type of vehicle. If you don’t have the manual, you can check online based on your car type and model. However, it’s completely okay to change the tire brand, though this will require some in-depth research first.

What Size Tires Do You Need?

If you do have the manual, it’ll contain the right tire size for your car. If you don’t have the manual, you’ll find the placard on the driver’s side door jamb with the recommended tire measurements. You’ll find a label that reads something like P215/60R16 94T.

The first numbers, P215/60R16, denote the tire width, height compared to that width, and the diameter of the tires. The last number, 94, refers to the load index, which is the amount of weight the tire can handle. The last T refers to the maximum speed of that tire in relation to that load index.

Now, you may go with that exact size, but you have some wiggle room and can go higher with the speed rating and load index. Talk to tire professionals in the automotive industry such as https://www.ozzytyres.com.au/ to find how much flexibility you have with your tire choices.

Handling and Comfort

The tires you ultimately choose should optimize your vehicle’s handling and braking ability. Go for tires that not only provide you with a comfortable ride but reduce road noise at the same time. Still, you won’t have much variety of tires that are specifically built for your car brand.

Different Types of Tires

According to a Tire Liquidators Miami shop, when choosing the best car tires, you need to ensure that you find the right type for your car and the type of roads and weather you’ll be driving in. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of tires to choose from.

Standard All-Season Car Tires

All-season tires are by far the most common. As the name suggests, these sound like the best car tires because you can leave them on all year round. They are designed with modest traction and grip to drive both on ice as well as in dry and wet conditions.

These types of car tires are designed for all kinds of cars, from SUVs to pickups. If you’re looking for long tread wear, a comfortable ride, and year-round traction, these are the tires for you. Still, it’s safe to say that they may not handle various terrains as well as tires designed explicitly for those terrains.

All-season tires can’t handle severe ice and snow or below-freezing temperatures. Such conditions are best suited for snow tires. All-season tires can’t handle off-road terrains either, so if you venture off-road often, these tires will not offer the best ride.

Performance All-Season Tires

Performance all-season tires are designed like standard all-season tires to provide year-round grip. However, these are specific to enthusiastic drivers who need a higher speed rating. These types of car tires will generally provide you with better braking and handling through all seasons.

Performance tires are also designed for high-performance sports cars that handle high speeds and have a superior driving performance. They provide a superior grip and high-speed rating like racing tires but generally come with a reduced tread wear rating. This essentially means that they wear out much faster and will need replacing sooner.

All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are exactly what they sound like and are some of the best car tires in the automotive industry. Of course, they are better suited for people who like driving off-road on a regular basis. These types of car tires come with deeper tread depth and a beefier or bulky look.

They are designed to handle different off-road surfaces exceptionally. Whether you’ll be driving on sand, rocks, or mud, these are the tires for you. Even better, these tires work as well on other roads and highways, so you’ll still get the handling and comfort you desire on all types of roads.

Snow/Winter Tires

Snow tires are the best car tires for the winter seasons. If you live in colder climates that are likely to experience snow and blizzards, these tires are designed explicitly for your terrain. They have incredible traction and grip to handle snow, ice, slush, and below-freezing temperatures.

The snow tire tread is typically designed to bite into ice and snow, and the rubber is designed to stay pliable at freezing temperatures. However, these tires take longer to stop compared to all-season tires on clear roads, meaning they would not be suitable in other types of weather.

Mud Terrain Tires

Mud terrain tires have deeper and rugged tread patterns specifically designed for deep mud terrains. The treads are deeper than those on all-terrain tires as they’re designed to handle thicker conditions. Due to this rugged design pattern, these tires will be noisy and may be uncomfortable on other normal roads.

Summer Tires

Summer tires are generally what you would refer to as regular tires. These tires are designed for warm climates and perform best on normal roads. They provide excellent dump-road traction and offer better speed than all-season tires.

However, they are designed with soft rubber that hardens very quickly in freezing temperatures. This means they would be completely insufficient in winter environments.

Choosing the Best Car Tires: What You Need To Know

When tire shopping, choosing the best types of car tires involves understanding the various types available in the automotive industry. It’s imperative that you know the best car tires for your type of vehicle and the type of roads and weather conditions you’ll be driving in.

Beyond that, make sure you check out our blog section for more informative posts.

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