/Do Rideshare Companies Pay for Car Crashes?

Do Rideshare Companies Pay for Car Crashes?

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In accidents involving rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft, rideshare companies may be liable for any injuries or other damages sustained in some cases. If accident victims believe that rideshare companies’ negligence led to an accident and subsequent damages, they may be able to recover compensation from them depending on the circumstances.

When It’s Possible to Recover Compensation from Rideshare Companies

Rideshare companies like Uber benefit from certain protections that prevent them from being held liable for accidents involving their drivers. Both drivers and customers agree to this when using the app and signing up. However, in some cases, customers may be able to seek compensation from these companies if their negligence contributed to an accident.

Many accidents involve negligent drivers who take on full responsibility for rideshare accident injuries and other damages, but the rideshare company could be responsible if they are partially or solely at fault. To recover compensation from rideshare companies, claimants will need to prove that they were responsible, which can be difficult.

For instance, victims may need to prove that the rideshare company failed to perform proper background checks on drivers whose negligence contributed to an accident.

What to Consider When Determining Fault

Depending on the nature of an accident, either the driver or rideshare company may be at fault. Some factors to consider when determining liability may include:

  • Whether the driver was providing services off the clock
  • Whether the driver was using the rideshare app when the accident occurred
  • Whether the driver was about to pick up a passenger once they accepted a ride
  • Whether the driver a passenger was in the rideshare driver’s vehicle

Some cases may also involve drivers who exhibit reckless or intoxicated behavior, which could make them liable for accidents and injuries. Generally, insurers and law enforcement will determine who is liable for rideshare accidents.

Types of Compensation That Victims May Recover

If individuals are injured in rideshare accidents, they may be entitled to compensation for injuries and other damages sustained. For example, they may be able to sue or file a claim for monetary damages such as medical expenses and lost wages. They may also be able to recover non-monetary damages including pain and suffering. In extreme cases, the courts may also award punitive damages to set an example and deter drivers or companies from engaging in the same negligent practices.

In most cases, rideshare companies are protected from liability if a driver’s negligence results in an accident. On the other hand, companies that practice negligence may need to cover damages if victims can prove that they were at fault.

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