/In-car virtual assistants are set to change driving forever

In-car virtual assistants are set to change driving forever

virtual assistant 730x484 at In car virtual assistants are set to change driving forever

Voice-enabled virtual personal assistants are already in our phones and increasingly in our homes. And, they are now rapidly making their way in our cars. This article explores how in-car virtual assistants will change driving forever. 

Truth be told, the idea of an AI-driven personal assistant has been around for some time now. Yet, it’s only until recently when this SCI-FI scenario seems to become a reality. Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Daimler, and Chrysler are only a few examples of carmakers that use AI-driven technology to allow drivers to speak to their cars.

The automotive industry is making huge steps towards improving convenience and connectivity for drivers, all thanks to the help of VPAs. And a rapidly growing number of consumers are already taking advantage of all these benefits by using their voice assistants in cars. A recent report has shown that the monthly usage rate of active voice assistants is higher for in-car users than for smart speaker users.

Now, let’s dig deeper into how exactly VPAs help drivers and how they are reshaping our driving experiences.


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What can in-car virtual assistants do?

Thanks to the latest technological advancements and connectivity becoming so widespread, in-car voice assistants have some really fascinating features that are set to change our driving experiences forever.

For example, a unique feature of these assistants is that they can learn specific driver behaviors. They can learn your seat heating preferences, preferred routes, and even popular addresses you go to. What’s more, they also know how to operate the car’s specific systems according to these preferences of yours. So, for example, if you say “I’m cold,” the VPA will quickly adjust the temperature inside your vehicle accordingly to how it learned that you prefer it.

These features can be as smart as even assist you when you start feeling tired behind the wheel. More precisely, if you communicate tiredness, your intelligent in-car assistant will trigger a “vitalizing” program, which will adjust the interior lighting in the vehicle, music, temperature, and many other things to help you feel more awake and not practice drowsy driving.

Needless to say, they also have more basic features like giving you tips on how to save fuel and warn you when necessary. VPAs can also alert you about maintenance-related problems like low tire pressure, and it will even remind you of arranged service appointments or set one for you.

These assistants are designed to improve with every command you give to them because they have an embedded feature of continuously learning behavior.

How are VPAs making driving easier for us?

Thanks to all the features they come with, in-car virtual assistants are changing the driving game forever. Just like it is when you use a virtual assistant service to collaborate with a VA, like the ones here, for your business, these AI-driven VPAs support us in making things easier for us.

First of all, these AI-driven systems are making driving safer for us. By alerting us on any potential issue or risk and by supporting us with maintaining our focus on the road, these assistants significantly reduce the risk of road accidents. Secondly, their features are also making our driving experiences more enjoyable. These AI assistants take care of everything for you to feel comfortable while driving, including setting the temperature, music and showing you the shortest way back home.

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