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Are you a bad driver? There’s Auto Insurance for You

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Do you refuse to stop for stop signs? Do you engage in road rage or tailgating? You may be a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers are more likely to engage in reckless driving habits like running a red light and getting into accidents than other drivers. A bad driver could be any race, gender, or age. They could even be inexperienced drivers.

This kind of driving affects your driving record and your insurance rates negatively. It’s not easy when you need cheaper auto insurance and you have a poor driving record. Let’s look at different insurance providers that offer auto insurance even when you’re a lousy driver. We’ll also look at how you can lower your monthly premium.

Auto Insurance Providers with Cheap Rates for Bad Drivers

Unfortunately, auto insurance providers check your driving record, which can be challenging when you are a terrible driver. Below, we will look at several providers that offer cheap rates for high-risk drivers despite having poor driving habits.


Established in 1925 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Erie offers auto, home, business, and life insurance. They are better than average when ranked by J.D. Power, and a benefit of having them as a provider is that you can lock in your auto insurance rate.

This benefit means that you won’t have to deal with your monthly premium increasing over time. Your rate only changes when you add vehicles and more drivers to your policy.

They also have accident forgiveness for those that are Erie customers for roughly three years. Your first at-fault accident is forgiven after that time.


USAA was founded in 1922 in San Antonio, Texas, and is considered one of the best for auto insurance by J.D. Power. If you or your spouse served in the military at any time, then this provider is perfect for you. This provider has specialized insurance for high-risk drivers that comes with great ways to save money on your car.

USAA is a great company to be insured with, but it’s difficult to qualify for. In order to get insured by USAA, you must be active in the military, a veteran, or a close relative of someone who has served. A common myth is that members of the military have to pay more. That’s not true, especially with this provider. Military people and their families typically save up to $500 per month.

State Farm

State Farm was founded in 1922 in Bloomington, Illinois. They have a program for young drivers so they can have lower premiums.

They also have insurance for high-risk drivers, though their rates are pretty high. Depending on how poor your driving record is, your rate can be 21% to 56% higher than the standard rate.

State Farm offers rental coverage and travel expenses coverage, making it easy for you to have a car if yours is out of commission.


Established in 1936 in Fort Worth, Texas, GEICO has been ranked among the best for car insurance by J.D. Power. They also have insurance for high-risk drivers.

GEICO uses a points system to determine how risky of a driver you are and then provides rates based on those points. They also use a subsidiary company called GEICO Casualty Co. for their high-risk customers.

All four of these providers are capable and willing to insure high-risk drivers, but they usually come with hefty premiums. Do your research and see how much you would get for a monthly premium with each provider. Compare them and see which one would give you the cheapest rate.

 at Are you a bad driver? Theres Auto Insurance for You

How to Lower Your Monthly Premium

Lowering your monthly premium can be done easily with these four suggestions:

#1 – Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score affects your insurance rate, just like your driving record does. Having a good score shows the provider that you can make on-time payments.

If you have a poor credit score, there are several ways you can improve it. It’s important to pay bills as soon as you can. You should also pay off outstanding debts and keep old credit card accounts open. Keeping them open improves your credit score over time.

#2 – Get the Least Amount of Coverage

Getting the least amount of coverage helps keep your premiums low. When it comes to insurance, only get what you need. Liability is probably the cheapest to get.

Also, it might be a good idea to get a car that’s not too expensive to insure. Avoid getting luxury cars or classic vehicles from previous eras.

#3 – See What Discounts Are Available

Insurance providers have so many discounts available for drivers. Some of the standard deals include loyalty, bundling home and auto, and automatic payment discounts. Ask your provider or insurance agent what price cuts you can have. The more discounts you have, the more you are able to save. Consider switching insurance companies if you need to.

#4 – Raising Your Deductible

When you raise your deductible and increase its amount, this lowers your premium. It doesn’t always work so you should check with your provider about this, but overall, raising the amount should help with your monthly payments.

Though raising your deductible lowers your premium, make sure you can afford your deductible should something happen to your vehicle. As a high-risk driver, this might be a more expensive option than the other suggestions listed above.

All these suggestions will help lower your monthly premiums, but it’s good to remember that striving to have a clean record will also help. Insurance companies usually check your driving record three years back.

High-Risk Drivers

It can be challenging to keep a clean record. Life happens, and you end up making poor decisions. Don’t let that stop you from trying to become a better driver. Do what you can to get your record expunged and watch your premiums go down.

Something to consider: Violations can stay on your record for up to 11 years, depending on the severity of the violation. Be mindful of your surroundings and the laws in your area. Drive defensively and avoid reckless driving.

Stop at stop signs and avoid road rage. If you do these things, you will find that you can have better insurance rates and become a better driver.

Peyton Leonard writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, AutoInsuranceEZ.com. She is passionate about helping others find the best insurance provider and affordable coverage.

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