/Car Modifications That Will Increase Value and Won’t Void Your Cars Warranty

Car Modifications That Will Increase Value and Won’t Void Your Cars Warranty

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If you have just bought a new vehicle, you are probably thinking about ways of making it look unique. You may also be considering ways to increase its value or to enhance its handling and performance. With all the information and services available online, modifying a car is easier than ever before.

Before you embark on any modifications, find out if you can increase the car’s value without voiding your warranty. Establish whether enhancing the car’s performance is worth risking the warranty.

What is a car warranty?

A warranty is a contract between the purchaser and the car manufacturer. According to CARCHEX warranty reviews, understanding what the warranty covers is vital when purchasing a new car. The contract covers the cost of repairs in the event of damage to the vehicle within a specific period. The manufacturer offers a warranty to financially protect the buyer if the vehicle undergoes some damage soon after purchase, owing to a manufacturing error.

The warranty allows the buyer to get the car repaired without incurring additional costs. Most cars come with a warranty, with most dealerships offering the option to buy an extended warranty for added security.

You may not be thinking about making repairs to your new car, but accidents happen. You need to consider this possibility and have the issue of warranty in mind when getting the repairs.

Find out from the car company the circumstances that can void the warranty. For instance, most companies will not cover repairs for a totaled car. They will also not cover damage if the owner or the driver of the car is misusing it. In some cases, failing to maintain the car appropriately can void the warranty.

Qualifying for Car Warranty

Buying a car is a huge investment, which is why having a warranty can help ensure peace of mind. If something happens to your car within a few months after the purchase, knowing that the manufacturer will repair it is helpful. You will feel comfortable knowing that the company will restore the vehicle to its initial condition.

Unfortunately, there has been some confusion regarding warranties for cars that have gone through modification. Many people avoid using aftermarket parts for fear that they may not qualify for a warranty if they experience a problem with the car.

When it comes to assessing the issue of warranty, companies consider several factors to determine eligibility for modified vehicles. The process differs from one car company to the next, but there are some general rules across the board.

Usually, the insurance provider considers the type of car, the modifications it has gone through, and the cause of damage. The company will go through a checklist when determining whether the warranty covers the repairs.

Making Car Modifications

Making modifications to a vehicle can help improve its overall performance. Most car enthusiasts choose to modify their cars to make them more valuable. However, modifying a car can affect its warranty. This hinders people from making changes to the car that can be helpful.

Before making any modifications to your new car, find out the modifications you can do and those that you cannot do. Whether you have a classic or new car, you need to know how to increase its value while maintaining the warranty.

Car professionals know the possible modifications that most car owners make on different vehicles. Car manufacturers often specify modifications that could void the warranty.

Be careful when modifying your car. Find out what the companies look for during the inspections and take great care to avoid damage. Be careful with the parts that you choose to install. Low-quality parts will not increase the car’s value.

Installing Aftermarket Parts

When thinking about modifying your car, you need to carefully consider the aftermarket parts that you use. There are cases where the warranty may cover the addition of some types of aftermarket parts. A repair technician can help to confirm this before making modifications.

To ensure that you do not lose your warranty, stick to parts that the manufacturer has sanctioned. Car manufacturers produce different parts that vehicle owners can use on their vehicles. They may also sanction specific modifications from aftermarket car part manufacturers.

Warranty-Approved Modifications

Upgrading your vehicle is a significant investment. It is vital to ensure that you spend your money on modifications that will increase the value of your vehicle. Be cautious when making modifications so that the benefits outweigh the potential risk of voiding the warranty.

The car companies will accept some modifications such as:

  • Paint jobs
  • Wheel upgrades
  • Upgrading the interior
  • Car window tinting
  • Seat covers
  • Interior vinyl
  • Boot-liners
  • Racing pedals

You can improve the car’s appearance without drastically affecting its performance. Upgrades offered by the manufacturer will never void a warranty. When it comes to making modifications to the vehicle, you need to determine what you require.

The fact is that car manufacturers prefer that only their mechanics and technicians work on their cars. Many times, they will claim that adding a modified part will automatically void the new car warranty. However, keep in mind that, legally, the manufacturer can only void the warranty if the modification was the cause of the problem.

Before Modifying Your Car

Many modifications will not automatically void the warranty. Talk to the dealer to find out how the modifications you want will affect the warranty. This allows you to improve the value of your car without fear.

However, if not installed correctly, some performance parts can cause damage to the car. It is important to hire only knowledgeable technicians to make upgrades to your vehicle. The good news is that that many reputable third-party vehicle tuning companies often offer their warranties on the work that they do.

The Bottom Line

It is worth noting that a vehicle modification can have a positive or negative effect on the vehicle’s resale value. There are indeed people who will want to buy a car that has gone through some modifications. However, most people prefer to buy standard vehicles.

Consumers have the right to repair their vehicles, and the law helps to remove the unfair advantage that dealers have had. It is possible to get work done on your car without voiding the warranty.

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