/Crucial Steps You Need To Take After You Experience A Car Accident In San Diego

Crucial Steps You Need To Take After You Experience A Car Accident In San Diego

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With around 6 million car accidents per year in the US, you can consider yourself extremely fortunate to have never experienced one in your life. Then numbers say that there are over 225 million valid driving licenses issued thus far.

The car insurance industry estimations say that the average driver will file a claim for a car collision once every 17.9 years, meaning that if you got your driving license when you were 16, the odds say that you are going to experience some car accident by the time you turn 34, or throughout a lifetime.

With over 1.41 million residents and over 500.000 licensed drivers, the City of San Diego is not an exception for car accidents. Unfortunately, statistics show that not only are car accidents happening more frequently when compared to a decade ago, but they’re also getting more and more violent.

So, imagine driving home from a friend’s house on an eventful Saturday evening. It had been a fantastic day full of eating barbeque, playing card games, and lots of laughs. And just as you pull into an intersection, an approaching truck runs on a red light. You notice the truck’s low profile led light bar approaching and immediately press your brakes, but it’s too late. You’ve just been struck in a car accident and your car is dammed to a write off which makes it only good for cash as scrap for junk cars Sydney..

In these difficult moments, it’s imperative to remain calm and take the appropriate steps to protect your health and financial interests. But, in the wake of all the confusion, pain, and shrieking bystanders – you need to act! Here’s what you should do after you experience a car accident in San Diego.

Check For Injuries And Call 911!

If you’ve just been a part of a car accident, the first thought that may cross your mind is to immediately contact a personal injury attorney San Diego-based and inquire about the legal steps you should take along the way. Nevertheless, leave calling your attorney for later as your health and wellbeing come second to none.

In the moments right after the accident, make sure you try to stay as calm as possible and immediately check for injuries. If you need no assistance to get out of the car, check everyone involved in the car accident to see if they are okay and need any help. Be extremely cautious if you need to move an injured person out of their vehicle, and you can can, please always apply the pelvic sling.

Call 911 in case a motorist sustained an injury during the accident and needs professional help. While talking with the EMS via phone, make sure you let the dispatcher know about any severe injuries or fatalities that you can observe. Also, let them know of any hazard at the place of the accident they should know before arrival. Finally, describe the location of the accident thoroughly and let them know on which side of the road your car is placed.

Deal With The Police Officers

Once you’ve checked yourself and everyone involved for injuries and everybody is okay, it’s time to call the police department and tell them that a car accident occurred. When they arrive at the scene, answer any question they might have honestly and follow their instructions.

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After that, the police officers are authorized to arrange care and transport of the injured, request the car-towing services, secure the accident scene, verify insurance information of the involved parties, collect evidence and file a police collision report.

Contact Your Insurance Provider To File A Claim

In textbook liability accidents the rule goes that the sooner you call the insurance provider, the sooner they will be able to help you restore your damages and get things back to normal. So give a call to your insurance company, and they will indeed walk you through the process and request all relevant information.

After that, you will file a claim, and a claim representative will contact you to tell you the next steps that should follow. In most cases, the insurance company will review your claim, evaluate it, assess it, and try to complete it as quickly as possible.

Reach Out To Your Car Accident Attorney

Finally, now is the time to reach out to your auto accident attorney. In case the settlement falls short of your expectations or your insurance claim is denied, it’s in your best interest to contact highly skilled personal injury lawyers that specialize in car accident cases.

When meeting for an initial consultation with the attorney, make sure to bring along copies of the medical records and bills, a copy of the police report, statements from witnesses, and other relevant documentation related to the accident.

Final Words

Even for the most seasoned drivers, car collisions are something we can’t entirely protect ourselves against. Although very common, they almost always come suddenly and are followed by a complex legal process.

However, becoming familiar with the relevant steps to take after a car accident can help you deal with the circumstances calmly and more confidently while shielding yourself from any financial or legal damages.

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