/How Do Luxury Car Brands Maximize Their Car Launch Event With QR Codes?

How Do Luxury Car Brands Maximize Their Car Launch Event With QR Codes?

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As various car companies are improving their means of launching new car lines to present to their avid car enthusiasts, technology has become an essential part of modernizing their launch events.

With one car brand, Genesis, integrating a futuristic car launch with the use of drones that many witnessed in China earlier in 2021, taking a shot at a new technology-powered car launch event are now possible through a few tech tweaks.

And with QR codes as one of the most tapped technological uses today, it’s no secret that many luxury car brands are integrating the use of an advanced QR code generator online to maximize their launch events.

To know how they improve their car line introduction shows with these machine-readable codes, here are some QR code ideas that many of your favorite luxury car brands integrate into one of their car line launch events.

Ways How Luxury Car Brands Maximize their car launch event with QR codes

Since Denso Wave initially created QR codes for the automotive assembly industry, it is no surprise that the luxury car industry is also integrating these codes in one of their most anticipated car launch events and gaining more offline and online exposure with their use of it.

And as they never fail to bring out the future of transportation, their car launch event is now donned with futuristic tech that can further their marketing and sales success.

  1. Redirect watchers to their Website

With an Auto Dealership Video Creation Platform as part of a luxury car brand’s marketing platform in every car launch event they host, redirecting their watchers to their website is one of the reasons why they use QR codes.

As a way to boost traffic on their website, famous car brands as Ferrari and BMW integrate the use of these codes to redirect their event guests to their website, where the first-mentioned car brand leads people to their competitive racing team’s website and the other to their homepage through a Camo print BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe.

  1. Portal for an Augmented Reality tour of the car they launched

Since all car enthusiasts’ love for cars started with the toy cars their parents buy from Hot Wheels and Toys R Us, the anticipation for future generation car lovers has leveled up with the use of Augmented Reality technology.

And as AR technology has more to give nowadays, Lamborghini adopted this technology in their 2020 online launch event with the Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder. The famous luxury Italian car brand has placed a scannable QR code on their vehicle homepage to have a digital view of the EVO Spyder.

  1. Car Sweepstakes Portal

As many brands see sweepstakes marketing strategy as an effective method to boost their online and offline exposure to media and their public, the German luxury car brand Audi is taking their Car sweepstakes event to the next level using QR codes.

With the anticipated launch of their 2022 Rs 6 Avant, Audi Club North America runs a 2020 Audi Sweepstakes campaign where members from the US and Canada can get a chance to win the base model of the vehicle.

  1. Car Preorder Gateway

Many car enthusiasts wanted to buy the specific car they wanted; they went to their physical store and found out that it was not yet available; QR codes are a lifesaver for most luxury car brands.

As some car dealers require their customers to register to preorder the vehicle they want, many car brands are integrating the use of a QR code for registration to let their customers register to securely get the car first hand at the time of its official launch.

  1. QR codes as part of car functionality launch

Aside from giving luxury car brands a set of futuristic marketing concepts, QR codes are now also integrated as part of the modern functionality for the car they had launched and planned to launch.

Since most luxury cars today are made with speed and modern technological integrations, QR codes have become a great tool to sync their data from their mobile phones to the car system. Many luxury car brands such as Land Rover, Volvo, and Tesla are now integrating QR codes as part of their car modernization prompt.


With few luxury car brands competing against each other before, their marketing strategies revolve around how the cars they made should alleviate their customers’ daily living conditions. They are working just like what has been done in other verticals, just check Versace sunglasses and eyeglasses and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

But as more car manufacturers create a luxury line for people who want to drive lavishly with the cars they choose, many established and emerging luxury car brands are now competing to get more patronages with the prospective clients.

And with QR codes becoming the most sought-after tech tool for marketing, many of them are implementing new marketing ways to hook more people to buy and hurry away with the cars they introduce.

As the COVID-19 pandemic’s leading contactless tool today, many car dealership shops can integrate the use of a QR code generator with logo online and improve their car launch events with the help of these codes.

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