/VW Transporter Kombi – the best van for business and personal use

VW Transporter Kombi – the best van for business and personal use

 at VW Transporter Kombi   the best van for business and personal use

SUVs and crossovers may well be the most popular segment in the car market today, trumping sedans, station wagons, coupes and all the other motor car variants. But there is only one type of automobile that has gained is very own verb: vaning. It’s a lifestyle, van driving, and one of the finest forms of this style is the VW Transporter Kombi – the all-in-one, jack of all trades of the van world. Find out more!

Whereas most other vans excel at only one aspect of vaning, meaning they are primarily designed either as cargo movers or people movers, the VW Transporter Kombi has the ability to shift seamlessly between the two. Thanks to some clever packaging and sophisticated engineering, the Kombi is perhaps the most convenient van with the space and versatility of a cargo van, and the fittings and interior features of a regular car. Granted, there are other vans out there in the market with foldable, removable seats. But it is the ease with which the Kombi changes character, and how excellent he is at both playing both roles, that put it at the top of our list. But before anything else, it’s best to know details like how to protect a van.

The multiple talents of the Kombi make it an ideal choice for personal or business use. As a personal car, the dominant character of the Kombi will be that of the car. Thanks to that unique driving feel that’s built into every Volkswagen, not to mention the car-like interior trims and features, you could daily drive this van as if it were a SUV – only you get lots more space and a few more seats. On the other hand, as a business user, you would appreciate that the Kombi is a classy people transporter one day, and a spacious and practical cargo hauler the other, thus eliminating the need for your business to invest in two vehicles, pay two insurances and registrations, and suffer two maintenance costs.

But all this aside, the Transporter Kombi would be at the top of the van charts simply because of its sheer class. It’s just a cool van!

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