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4 Signs That You Need a New Car

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Replacing a car is something that most of us try to avoid for as long as possible. After all, if you bought your own vehicle (new or used), you want to get the most out of your investment.

Moreover, we often grow attached to our vehicles, which can make it even harder to give them up, even when all of the signs are there. Finally, the cost of a replacement vehicle often makes people push their cars to the absolute limit, which can be a safety concern for the car owner and anyone else they encounter on the road. So, in today’s post, we are going to look at 4 signs that you need a new car!

Frequent Engine Problems

If your engine light turns on, you should always take a quick trip to the mechanic to make sure that there are not any serious problems. In most cases, you can get an affordable repair and continue using your vehicle. However, if you find that your car has frequent engine problems, the cost of maintaining your vehicle could end up being more than the cost of a new car! This is especially true if you need to replace the engine, which is almost always the most expensive part of a car. So, rather than spending half of your days at the mechanic, consider trading in your car for something with a more reliable engine.

Steering System Issues

While steering system issues are generally fixable, they can quickly turn into a safety hazard. If you need more than steering fluid or minor repairs, you can expect to pay hefty sums to replace the system. As a result, steering issues are generally a good sign that you need to replace your vehicle. Additionally, a faulty steering system is a major safety issue. Think about it: if you can’t control your vehicle, you could end up getting in a wreck, causing property damage, getting hurt, or even running over a nearby pedestrian’s toes (in which case they’ll need to head over to Northwest Surgery Center for help)!

Transmission Failure

Like the engine, your car’s transmission will inevitably take a beating over time. If you find that it is difficult to switch gears or your car slips in and out of gears at random, this is both dangerous and a major warning sign that you could be facing complete transmission failure. Unfortunately, transmissions can cost thousands of dollars to replace. So, if your car has a faulty transmission, you’re probably better off foregoing the transmission replacement and simply buying a different vehicle.

Ultra-High Mileage

Some vehicles can run for years and years without any major problems. However, the more you drive your car, the higher the risk of serious issues. Nobody wants to be on the highway when their car suddenly shuts off. For this reason, if your car has 200,000 miles or more, you should consider developing a replacement plan. If you’ve hit the 300,000-mile benchmark, congrats! But it’s probably past time to head to the car dealership.

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