/Should I repair or replace my car tyres?

Should I repair or replace my car tyres?

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The majority of motorists will experience a tyre problem at some point in their life. Diagnosing the issue yourself can be a tough challenge if you have limited knowledge, understanding and access to the tyre at fault. Whether you have a puncture, faulty valve stem or one of many other tyre related issues – a common question you may be asking yourself is should I get my tyres repaired or replaced? The answer to this question comes down to a number of factors, which we explore below.

Extent of the Damage

The first factor to consider is the extent of the damage that has been inflicted on your tyre. It’s fairly obvious, but a tyre that has experienced a full blow-out has very little chance of being repaired. Any significant damage will mean that your tyres will need to be replaced. Less significant damage such as a puncture by a nail, for example, is easier to fix because there is only a minor part of the tyre that needs repairing. However, the location of tyre damage is very important to consider because even a tiny puncture in the wrong place can compromise the tyre as a whole.

Damage Location

The location of a puncture or tyre damage is a crucial factor in deciding whether a tyre can be repaired or not. Damage to the sidewall can have a dramatic impact to the structural integrity of the whole tyre, meaning it is more likely to need replacing. The sidewall takes most of the car’s weight whilst moving and so any structural impact can increase the chances of another fault. A puncture through the tread of a tyre, whilst still potentially serious, is more easily repaired and shouldn’t have an impact on its structural integrity.

Tyre Condition

Another consideration should be the age and condition of your tyres. If they are relatively new or still in good condition overall, then repairing may be more viable than buying new replacements. However, if your tyres are already in poor condition – whether they be old, worn down or starting to crack, replacing them is always recommended if you have any sort of issue.

Tyre Type

Finally, the type of tyres you are using may have an impact on your choice. If you are using run flat tyres, these cannot be repaired due to their structure. Regular tyres, on the other hand, can be repaired if the other factors discussed above make it the right decision.

These are some of the main factors to consider if you are deciding whether to have a tyre replaced or repaired. Some motorists will prefer the peace of mind of a new tyre every time, but what would you choose?

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