/Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for an Extended Warranty

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for an Extended Warranty

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It is true that extended car warranties have become the butt of jokes over the years, and you can find memes making fun of them all over social media. However, the truth is that these contracts help people with the cost of their vehicle repairs. This is especially true for car owners with older vehicles or luxury vehicles that need added protection.

Unfortunately, there are also scams lurking around what seems like every corner these days. Because of that, you should take your time and research companies to ensure you end up with the best extended car warranty on the market.

While looking at extended auto warranty plans and shopping around, there are some common pitfalls to be aware of. Avoiding these mistakes can save you a lot of grief and headaches in the long run.

Getting the Wrong Kind of Coverage

When purchasing extended car warranties, one common mistake car owners make is getting the wrong type of coverage. Then, significant issues arise and their vehicles break down. Maybe a piston inside the engine snaps and needs to be replaced, or the gears inside the transmission waddle down and have to be repaired for it to shift correctly. Just hearing about such severe problems is enough to make you feel the crunch in your wallet. That’s because those are going to be some dicey fees.

Therefore, the last thing you need is to find out your new or used car has the wrong extended warranty coverage. That could leave you responsible for hefty out-of-pocket costs. So, get the right coverage from the get-go and don’t give issues a chance to arise.

Assume You’re Getting the Best Deal

You should never get a single quote for anything, including an extended car warranty plan. With inflation and everything else happening in the modern world, money is probably a little tight for you right now. If that’s the case, don’t merely assume you’re getting a top-notch deal with a company.

Instead, do your homework and get a minimum of three quotes, just as you would if you were hiring a plumber or electrician. Then, you’ll be able to choose the one with the lowest fee to save some cash.

Signing a Contract Without Reading the Fine Print

Just because you like what a brochure or website has to say doesn’t mean you have to buy the product. These spots typically do not contain the same information included in the fine printing of contracts.

Thus, before applying your John Hancock to a document virtually or in writing, read every line of the document presented to you. Make sure you understand the terms so the extended car warranty company doesn’t take advantage of you.

Thinking Cheapest is Always Best

Yes, you want to get a deal on your extended car warranty to save money. However, it is vital to remember that cheapest doesn’t always equal the best when it comes to an extended car warranty. You’ll want to be diligent and do your homework so that you pay a fair amount for the coverage.

It is also important to keep in mind that you sometimes get what you pay for. If something sounds too good to be true, the chances are that it is.

Supposing cheapest is the best could be a recipe for disaster. So, don’t assume anything. Rather, ask friends and trusted acquaintances about their extended car warranty providers. You can also locate and view testimonials online to determine what a company is bringing to the table.

Spending Your Hard-Earned Cash on Something That Isn’t Worth It

Rather than jumping into a venture with a company, how about finding an organization that offers a 100-percent money-back guarantee? Then, if things don’t check out, you can ask for a refund, and nobody gets hurt. Failing in this regard can leave you in financial trouble, especially if you’re paying for something that you can’t or never use.

Forgetting to Renew an Extended Warranty

While this tip isn’t useful during the shopping process, it can come in handy when you’ve already chosen an extended warranty. If you have a good experience with a particular company, don’t let the relationship expire. Renew the extended car warranty when the chance arises, and you’ll remain covered for any surprises that pop up on the road, at least as far as vehicle repairs go.

That’s because you’ll get services at discounted rates. And if you don’t like the warranty, go back to the drawing board to find another one before it expires. Then, there won’t be a lapse between warranties.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips about mistakes to avoid when shopping for and renewing extended car warranties will help you in finding the best warranty plan for your car. So, what are you waiting for? Start researching today and you’ll be in possession of a top-notch warranty in no time.

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