/The Very Best Vans For Camper Conversion

The Very Best Vans For Camper Conversion

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Travelling around the world or just around the country is becoming increasingly popular. While many still decide to back-pack their way around, staying in hostels, there is now a growing number who want to take their home with them. This has led to a growth of DIY van conversions, but which van offers the best adaptation? Here are the very best vans for camper conversion.

Volkswagen Transporter

For many travellers, the Volkswagen Transporter is the go-to vehicle for a DIY conversion. Part of this could be due to its easy maintenance and good driving experience.

However, they are also reliable and come in a variation of sizes, so you can easily find the right one for you.

You may find one of these in current van competitions so you can bag one without putting any money down.

The fuel economy sits at around 29.4-40.4 mpg so not too bad, especially if you are on long journeys.

Ford Transit

This has to be one of the most iconic vans. The Ford Transit has been around for years and is a popular choice for DIY conversion due to its flexible capacity options.

You can find examples that come in varying heights and lengths so finding the right one for you is easy.

Fuel consumption is good at around 44.8-50.4 mpg.

Renault Trafic

Another popular conversion candidate is the Renault Trafic. It is spacious and reliable which is why many people choose this van.

As with the other vans, this has several customisation options so you can find the right van for your camping needs.

Fuel consumption is around the average with 42.8-47.9 mpg, but will still offer good value.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes have been making the Sprinter van for many years, and there is a good reason for that – it is highly popular.

The engines are reliable and punchy so whatever conversion to make, it will deal with the additional weight well.

It comes in 3 roof heights and 4 lengths so finding the right version should be easy. There is also an electric version for those that want to be environmentally friendly.

Fiat Ducato

The Fiat Ducato is a popular choice for many because it is reliable and spacious. Converting these vans is also relatively easy, so it’s a good option for first-time DIY convertors.

These vans are front-wheel drive only which may sway you away from them, but they are good on fuel economy coming in at 47.9 mpg.

Vauxhall Vivaro

One of the most fuel-efficient with 52.3-60.1 mpg, the Vivaro is easy to drive and a safe option with advanced features.

It has a spacious interior and is popular for conversion because of this. You can also get different configurations to suit your needs.

Converting a van for your camping adventures is an exciting and happy time. Just make sure you get the right van for your needs before you start converting, by planning what you want to include. And there you have it – all the very best vans for camper conversion.

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