/Million Dollar golden Samand!

Million Dollar golden Samand!

golden samand at Million Dollar golden Samand!

You have probably heard of this only Iranian made car, the Samand, as it was on display at recently finished Geneva Motorshow. Now feast your eyes on the Golden Samand!

Ordered by a Russian Millionaire for whatever reason he’d thought of (collection maybe!), this Samand has undergone some very expensive cosmetic surgery and had its hood, doors and fenders covered in pure 24 carat gold! Also the floor is covered with very fine Iranian carpet and dashboard is garnished with Iranian handcraftsmanship. The car reportedly has cost its owner a million dollar! Well, I’d rather spend that on a Bugatti Veyron!

The golden Samand was supposed to remain a secret but its delivery truck, on its way to Russia, crashed in Tehran, and like that the cover was broken!

golden samand 2 at Million Dollar golden Samand!

source: tabnak.ir

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