/2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

2010 tg awards 1 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Now that we are at the end of the year you will find lots of lists like this telling you about the bests and worsts of the year. And they are all rubbish to be honest! The only Car of The Year awards we look forward to every year is indeed Top Gear Awards, because they’re not just a bunch of car bores like most of other journos – no offense to colleagues! They always consider fun and coolness as major factors while picking their favorite cars, and that’s what we really want from a car, fun!

Top Gear 2010 car of the year is the lovely little Citroen DS3. Jeremy’s choice, predictable for those who have seen his new DVD, is Pagani Zonda R, James picked the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, and Richard, unsurprisingly, went for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Hit the jump for the complete list and beautiful pictures shot in China.

“Creating our Awards issue is always a special event and this year’s shoot was the most ambitious yet,” says Charlie Turner, TopGear’s Editor-in-Chief. “Editing 2010’s cars down to just 12 worthy winners was tough enough. Getting them to China – the fastest growing car market in the world – was even tougher. But I’m delighted with the results, and especially delighted to be crowning the DS3 our car of the year.”

TopGear’s most spectacular Awards issue ever was shot on location in China, against a backdrop of the Forbidden City, downtown Beijing and the Great Wall.

2010 tg awards 13 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Car of the Year and Small Car of the Year – CITROEN DS3
“Most cars feel like they’ve been edited down from something else. The DS3 does not. It is, for its completeness and rounded set of abilities, a bloody triumph…”

2010 tg awards 2 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Hypercar of the Year – KOENIGSEGG AGERA
“One of the most devastating road cars ever built. It detonates like a 3,000lb bomb, but the Agera is much more sophisticated than its fission-spec powertrain suggests.”

2010 tg awards 3 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Cabrio of the Year – MASERATI GRANCABRIO
“Refined grand tourer this may be, but the GranCabrio is still a Maserati: uniquely Italian, seductive and familiar.”

2010 tg awards 4 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Grand Tourer of the Year – BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT
“A bruising GT with the pace of a sports car and the luxury and civility of a limousine.”

2010 tg awards 5 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Hot Hatch of the Year – VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R
“It’s difficult to know where to start in praising this car, because it’s extraordinarily good at so many things…”

2010 tg awards 6 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Family Car of the Year – BMW 520d TOURING
“If the 520d Touring were to put an advert on a dating website, potential prospects would think it a liar. It offers such a comprehensive set of interlocking genius that it sounds too good to be true…”

2010 tg awards 7 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Engine of the Year – FIAT TWIN AIR
“A little bundle of energy, charm and downright saintliness to prove our good old friend the gasoline engine is still alive and very much kicking…”

2010 tg awards 8 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Coupe of the Year – PEUGEOT RCZ
“A beautifully balanced car, easy to drive quickly. The RCZ devours roads with a fluency and ease that most small hot cars simply can’t manage.”

2010 tg awards 9 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Luxury Car of the Year – JAGUAR XJ
“Rarely has a new car slackened so many jaws. A genuine ambitious Jaguar, a blast from the future rather than the past. It handles like the future, too.”

2010 tg awards 10 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Jeremy’s Car of the Year – PAGANI ZONDA R
“When your head is pinned into the headrest and your ears are bleeding and you’re frightened by the speed and the savagery and the thrill of it all… who cares if you can’t take it shopping in the drizzle?”

2010 tg awards 11 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

James’s Car of the Year – BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT
“If you can drive, you can drive the Bugatti. It appears to be a glorious irrelevance, but in fact it couldn’t be more pertinent.”

2010 tg awards 12 at 2010 Top Gear Awards Winners Announced

Richard’s Car of the Year – PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS
“Insane, blindingly fast, flamboyant and it goes against everything I’ve ever said about the 911. Which makes me look like a bit of a monkey.”

Source: Top Gear

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