/Volvo Terror: The World’s Most Awesome Tractor

Volvo Terror: The World’s Most Awesome Tractor

volvo terror at Volvo Terror: The Worlds Most Awesome Tractor

On the surface this tractor looks pretty normal, maybe even a bit knackered. But it is not normal at all, not even a tiny bit. You see, the owner of this tractor has fitted it with a turbocharged 2.1 liter Volvo engine, developing… well… enough power to make those big knobbly tires lose grip everytime the driver goes near the throttle.

It is not particularly good at plowing, but it can drift, do epic burnouts, and even perform perfect donuts. You know, if all tractors were like this we would seriously consider farming as a career.

By the way, it’s called the Terror. The Volvo Terror!

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