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Car Acronyms N & O

Car Acronyms N O at Car Acronyms N & O

NAV – Navigation or Navigation system, see also SatNav

This term refers to an electronically controlled computer system that utilizes satellites in orbit to calculate the geographical location of a vehicle’s position. The navigation system is basically a map merged with route directions that is typically showcased on a driver’s dashboard video screen. NAV systems indicate a motor vehicle’s location or position and may be programmed to direct the driver toward the desired direction of travel.

NCAP – New Car Assessment Program, see ENCAP

This term refers to an automobile safety test program in which vehicles are rated for safety performance. In the New Car Assessment Program, vehicles are tested for crash tolerance and safety in all areas. NCAP collects ratings by performing controlled rollover and road collision tests that take place at NHTSA’s research facilities. The highest NCAP safety rating is five stars, which highlights that that vehicle has performed optimally during safety testing; one star is indicative of the lowest safety performance capability.

NM – Newton-meter, used in measurement of torque

This term refers to a metric system (SI) unit that is used to describe and measure torque. A newton meter describes the tendency of a force of energy to cause rotation and one Nm is equal to 0.74 pound-foot. Nm can be defined as a measurement of torque and the mix between force and distance.

OBC – On-board computer

This term refers to a cab-mounted apparatus that functions either mechanically or electronically to store data about a motor vehicle, particularly a truck. An on-board computer keeps track of information such as the speed of the vehicle, the rpm of the engine of the vehicle, the time spend idle. OBC is an important part of the management of trucks because it provides vital information about various elements of trucking.

OCD – Occupant Detection System

This term refer to a type of technology system with sensors built into the seat frames of motor vehicles. Occupant Detection System is devised to gauge the weight of the passenger seated in the front and to recognize when multiple passengers are occupying the vehicle’s space. To satisfy individual customer needs, there are either two or four sensor system options depending on customer preference and need. OCD was designed to enhance passenger occupant safety in a motor vehicle.

OBD – On-board diagnostics or off-board diagnostics, vehicle internal-diagnosis with internal or external test unit

This term refers to air quality standards placed on light and medium duty vehicles with internal or external combustion engines. On-board diagnostics for vehicles were devised to maintain improved low-emissions air quality and to control air pollution of vehicles that are in-use. OBD is designed to comply with EPS regulations to reduce the amount of hydrocarbon emissions from vehicles.

OBD Error

OBD, or on-board diagnostics, are readings provided by information systems that allow an owner or technician to assess the condition of a vehicle. Traditionally, these readings were as simple as an indicator light that would flash on when a problem existed. However, the feature has evolved significantly, as on-board diagnostic systems can now provide real-time information and diagnostic trouble codes to help specifically identify an issue related to an automobile’s operation.

O/D – Overdrive

This term refers to a mechanism that permits a motor vehicle to drive at a maintained speed with lowered engine RPM. Overdrive is a gear setting in a motor vehicle that offers a gear ratio that is greater than that of the top drive gear. Therefore, when a vehicle is in overdrive the engine speed and the amount of fuel used is considerably reduced in the instance of highway driving.

OEM – Original equipment manufacturer

This term is defined as the producer of a product that is manufactured under a federally-licensed company, in which requirements are met to guarantee their products. OEMs craft products, buy component items from suppliers, maneuver their own production plants, and deal with sales and customer service. The original equipment manufacturer provides a warranty for their product or products and are typically manufacturers of vehicles and the equipment that accompanies vehicles like engines and other accessories.

OHC – Overhead camshaft. Camshaft situated above the cylinder head

This term refers to a valve train configuration in which the camshaft is situated above the cylinder head. Overhead camshaft places the shaft in which the rotating piece in a mechanical linkage is fastened of an internal combustion engine within the cylinder heads above. OHC drives the valves within the cylinder heads in a straighter, more direct way than OHV and pushrods; this avoids having to use pushrods entirely by placing the camshaft inside the cylinder head.

OHV – Overhead valves (the camshaft is therefore underneath)

This term refers to a type of engine that is colloquially budded a pushrod engine or an I-head engine. OHV is a kind of reciprocating engine that positions the camshaft within the cylinder heads and employs pushrods to set the oscillating levers or rocker arms above the cylinder head to actuate the valves. A limited number of overhead valves where the camshaft is underneath exist in production outside the United States arena.

ONO – Or Near Offer

This term refers to items that are priced at a used or second-hand rate for sale. While the item or items are offered at a used item price, the seller is indicating with this label that he or she is willing to negotiate prices with the potential buyer. However, ONO denotes that the seller will not take too low of a price for the item or items being sold.

ORV – Off Road Vehicle

This term refers to a type of motorized vehicle that is devised for use on unmade surfaces or off-road terrain. Off road vehicles are able to drive on unpaved or gravel-laden surfaces and can be operated in areas of construction or agricultural areas. ORVs typically are characterized as having four wheels with large tires, deep treads, and durable suspension. Dirt bikes, tractors, Monster Trucks, Dune buggies, motorbikes, snowmobiles, mopeds, and go-carts all fall into the category of off road vehicle.

OVNO – Or Very Near Offer

This term refers to items that are priced at a used rate and are intended to be sold at a slightly reduced price. While the item or items are offered at a second-hand item price, the seller is indicating with the OVNO label that he or she is willing to negotiate prices with the potential buyer. However, OvNO means that the seller will not take too low of a price for the item or items being sold.

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