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T&T – Tax and tested (TNT)

This term pertains primarily to used car advertisements in the United Kingdom that are used to notify the buyer that the vehicle has passed its Ministry of Transport (MOT) test and that the vehicle’s road tax has been paid. A TNT or taxed and tested vehicle is, in turn, legal to drive on public roads.

TC/TCS – Traction control/Traction Control System

Usually, this system is synonymous with Anti-Slip Regulation or ASR systems. A Traction Control System functions by utilizing brake power and torque to regulate spinning wheels when accelerating a motor vehicle. TCS is generally an electro-hydaulic system that works as a safety control mechanism by increasing traction and bettering wheel grip on road surfaces; hence, the driver can maintain vehicle stability under compromising road conditions.

TDC – Top dead centre

TDC deals with the position of a piston in relation to the crankshaft. Basically, the dead centre is the position of a crank where the torque applied is directly along its axis, so that no turning torque can be applied. In the case of top dead centre, the position of the piston in the combustion process is at the furthest most point in its stroke. The opposite of top dead centre is bottom dead centre (BDC).

TDI – Turbo diesel injection

This term refers to a specific construction of diesel engine vehicles fashioned with a turbocharger. Designed and produced by the Volkswagen Group, Turbo diesel injection (also known as Turbocharged Direct Injection or TDI) uses direct fuel injection with a fuel injector that spurts fuel straight into the main combustion chamber of each of the cylinders. TDI lends itself to a compact size that reduces surface area of the engine, permitting greater heat conservation, and in turn, making for a more efficient engine overall.

T/GLASS – Tinted Glass

Tinted glass refers to a glass surface that has been treated with a film or coating in order to reduce the amount of light transmitted through it. Certain films placed on tinted glass significantly reduce the visibility of one side of the glass from the other. Used on car windows, tinted glass provides the occupants with privacy and reduces the amount of heat transmitted into the car.


Porsche or VW electronic transmission control. The control can be operated via a small device on the steering wheel.– Tiptronic is the name of a manual-shifting automatic transmission developed by Porsche. Like other automatic transmissions, the triptonic design utilizes a torque converter, and can be operated in the same manner as a conventional automatic transmission. However, the driver has the additional option of overriding the computer and selecting gears manually. The driver may control the upshift and downshift operations using a gate within the gear shift lever or, on some models, buttons of paddles mounted on the steering wheel.

TNT – Taxed and Tested

This is a phrase used mainly in used car advertisements in the United Kingdom that informs the buyer that the vehicle has passed its Ministry of Transport (MOT) test and that the vehicle’s road tax has been paid. A “taxed and tested” vehicle is therefore legal to drive on public roads.

TPMS – Tire-pressure monitoring system

A tire-pressure monitoring system is an electronic system used to monitor the air pressure inside the tires of a vehicle. A TPMS displays tire pressure information to the driver and allows the driver to maintain optimal levels of tire inflation in order to reduce tire abrasion and help prevent traffic accidents. Some types of TPMS measure air pressure directly, using pressure sensors on each tire. Others do so indirectly, by measuring individual wheel rotational speeds.

TRACS – Traction control system (Volvo)

TRACS is a traction control system developed by Volvo that automatically applies front breaks in order to limit wheel slippage when traveling at speeds under 25 miles per hour.

TRD – Toyota Racing Development

Toyota Racing Development is the name of the tuning shop for all cars produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation. In addition to supporting Toyota’s racing needs, TRD produces various tuning products and accessories designed to increase performance of street cars. TDR’s product list includes suspension equipment, braking hardware, sport mufflers, cat-back exhausts, cosmetic modifications and an expansive list of supercharged engines.

TVR – Trevor

TVR was an independent British manufacturer of sports cars. Named for Trevor Wilkinson, the man who started the company in 1947, the company produced cars that used powerful straight-6 cylinder engines and others that used V8 engines. The company permanently ceased car production in July of 2012.

T/WIN – Tinted windows

Tinted windows are windows that have been treated with a film or coating in order to reduce the amount of light transmitted through them. Many car windows feature privacy films, which greatly reduce an outsider’s ability to see inside the car. In addition to increased privacy, tinted windows reduces the amount of heat transmitted into the car and can help protect occupants from harmful UV rays. However, in order to ensure the driver’s visibility of the road, many jurisdictions regulate the amount a car’s windows may be tinted.

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