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If you have ever had the hankering to revisit your best kept science fair ideas that have just been sitting on the backburner for a weekend project when the missus was out of town, this news just came in: do it. Seriously, there are few things more fun than engineering your own project like you were a boy discovering how basic circuits worked for the first time.

Now, when one says motor DIY ideas, one is not necessarily talking about getting in your garage and creating the next best thing in BMW’s M3 series anytime soon. Nevertheless, there is a lot of cool stuff you can create with a small, simple motor. Without further ado, read on for some novel ideas.


Who doesn’t like robots (with the possible exceptions of Will Smith’s character in i, Robot or Harrison Ford’s character in Blade Runner)? They are not only cool, but useful. With the advent of tiny programmable computers like the Raspberry Pi, the possibilities are practically limitless.

Theoretically, these can perform simple tasks like opening the shades when it detects light. A category of robots that mimics the behaviour of neurons and other natural systems is called BEAM, standing for biology, electronics, aesthetics, and mechanics. Imagination might be the only thing holding you back here. Practicality is not necessary, but if you want more ideas, you can read: home improvement DIY ideas.

Remote Controlled Cars and Other Toys                                                                                                                       

If you are into gadgets like remote controlled cars, there might not be many more exciting prospects than building your own. A solar powered one might not have has much horsepower, but would be a cool concept to teach kids about renewable energy. Or, you could turn things up a notch and create a road devil that handles like a McLaren F1. It may not be the concept car of the future, but it can be a close miniature replica in terms of performance.

A Christmas Tree Rotator

You never want someone’s side of the tree where they spent time painting on customised ornaments to feel left out. So why not create a low-RPM rotating platform that is powered by small batteries that is sure to show off all of your family’s hard-earned skills and handiwork? Alternatively, the giant snow globe you bought at the thrift store for a budget price might work well for a month or two as the centrepiece on your coffee table, especially if it has a turntable rotating it around.

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