/Mean-Looking BMW M3 by Modulare Wheels

Mean-Looking BMW M3 by Modulare Wheels

Modulare Wheels BMW M3 0 600x337 at Mean Looking BMW M3 by Modulare Wheels

They say the simple ways are often the best ways, and they are gosh darn right! Take this black BMW M3 F80 by Modulare Wheels, for example. It doesn’t have a wrap or a body kit or anything. All it has is a set of classy wheels, and it looks fantastic.

The mean and angry BMW M3 is prepared by Modulare Wheels to show off the latest design addition to their all-new C-Evo Series, the C1 Evo. Tailor-made for each vehicle using 3-piece forged architecture, the C1 EVo can be ordered with shallow, medium, and deep concave profiles combined with a shallow outer lip. So you basically decide how the rims will look like depending on your aspirations.

The wheels on this BMW M3 measure 20×9.5 front and 20×11 rear and feature a textured satin anthracite. Not only is the finish perfect for that paint work, the size too is the ideal diameter for the M3 which is first and foremost a high-performance sedan. You don’t want to bolt excessively large wheels on this bad boy as they would compromise the performance of its 430 horsepower straight-six turbo engine.

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