/Morgan Aero GT Teased as Aero 8’s Swan Song

Morgan Aero GT Teased as Aero 8’s Swan Song

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Marking the end of Aero 8 production at Pickersleigh Road factory, Morgan Motor Company announced the launch of a very special, very limited model. The race-inspired Morgan Aero GT, set for debut at Geneva Motor Show in March, 2018, is a hard-core, or “gloves off,” variant of the Aero 8. 

Though the car is yet to be revealed in full we have been given almost full details about the Morgan Aero GT. This being the swan song to the Aero 8 series, production will be limited to 8 units in total, each of which ahs already been spoken for. They all have individual numbers and bespoke customer-requested additions.

Famous for having a wooden chassis, Morgans also feature iconic hand-formed metal body panels. In the case of the Morgan Aero GT these panels are carefully formed to result in a unique look, separate from that of the regular 8s. It features top louvres, deep side impressions and a drastic rear diffuser, and is said to be very aerodynamically efficient… or as efficient as that shape can be. The drivetrain consists of a 367bhp 4.8-litre BMW V8 and six-speed manual gearbox which together propel the sports car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds on to a top speed of 170 mph. The Aero GT is also the last model to feature this naturally-aspirated BMW motor.

Jon Wells, Head of Design at Morgan Motor company said: “The beauty of working so closely with talented sheet metal workers and coachbuilders is that designers are relatively unrestrained in their ability to challenge the forms and their functions. Unlike many, we are able to make truly special limited edition vehicles that really exercise the imagination of the designer and the ability of the craftsman. The Aero range has always offered Morgan the platform to explore the boundaries of mechanical and styling design and I am delighted the family has allowed one of our wildest ideas to become a reality.”

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