/Things to check in your motorhome before you hit the road

Things to check in your motorhome before you hit the road

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Are you planning to get away for the weekend? There is nothing more relaxing than a sense of freedom while driving on a long road trip with many beautiful views around. Before you get carried away, make sure your motorhome is well prepared, and nothing can surprise you. 

According to specialists from Hymer, safety comes first. RV drivers should know how to react appropriately in critical situations to be safer when on the road. Lots of people treat recreational vehicles like regular cars, which is a common mistake. Campers need more attention. There are always many little details to scan before driving off into the sunset. Make sure that your motorhome is in tip top condition so any RV repair needed like rv windshield replacement should never be delayed. It may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’re here to guide you all the way. Below you can find essential things to check in your motorhome before you hit the road.

Start from the tires

Imagine the perfect weekend starts now, you’re all packed, excited, ready for an adventure, and a few miles away, you find out there is something wrong with the tire. Can your holiday start any worse? The primary thing you should do before hitting the road is to take the pressure gauge and check the condition of all your rig’s tires. If you rented the RV, double-check if you drive on special ‘camper’ tires, not standard ones. Make sure there are no curves, cracks, and damages. If you will like to give your RV an extra tune up, visit https://www.articleinsider.com/macerating-toilet/.

Trailer connection check

Driving a motorhome is a great and flexible way of traveling because you carry your sleeping spot with yourself. Fun as it is, it’s also a massive responsibility on the road. Triple checking on your trailer connection is crucial for both your and other drivers’ safety. Be sure the tow hitch setup is connected properly and don’t rig the engine if you have any doubts.

Put the antenna down

A great thing in your motorhome is the antenna that allows you to spend a chilled evening with TV in the middle of nowhere. If you’re not a regular RV driver, you’re probably not used to putting it on and off each time you hit the road, but it’s an essential thing if you don’t want to destroy it. The speed and pressure during the ride can make your antenna either get broken or fall off the motorhome. Especially if the vehicle is rented, taking care of the antenna is a must if you don’t want to pay a fortune for the repair.

Lights up

Another thing you should put on your check list is the lights. Make sure all lights indicators are fine, and all of them work correctly. Don’t put yourself in danger. Moving with only a few lights on can be very risky, especially if you’re driving in the middle of the night with just one front light. Another thing is the relentless police officers that won’t let you go without paying a pricey fine.

Check for leaks

Many people don’t know about the fact that motorhomes are susceptible to water damage. There are many structures, like seams and seals, that can easily get broken by the water around. Each time before and after your RV road trip, make sure the motorhome’s condition is good enough not to surprise you in the middle of nowhere.

Oil check

Another essential but straightforward thing is oil. If you want all the engine components to move smoothly, check the oil before driving away. It’s not a critical point, as you can buy the bottle at the gas station, but it’s not always easy to fit the special oil to your RV needs. Better if you spend some time on it before the road trip so your motorhome can drive on the optimal level from the very beginning.

Put external stairs in

Another easily forgotten element of the checklist is external stairs that need to be taken inside before the journey. It’s a common mistake. Many RVs accidentally leave them out, which may cause a dangerous situation for the opposite drivers, not to mention the vast possible damage of your rig. Driving with automatic stairways extended out of the vehicle can end up with you receiving a ticket. Better pay attention and make sure it’s in before you start a car.

Make sure not to overload it

Last from the essential things to check before heading towards the sun is the allowed cargo. All RVs are designed to carry a specified maximum load. Manufacturers provide a particular load rating of the vehicle that you need to pay attention to. Overloading a motorhome can be easier than overloading a car and much more dangerous. If you keep control over the amount and weight of your baggage, you can easily keep control over your vehicle. The cargo should be put from side to side as well as front and back evenly. Remember to store bulkier items on the floor. It’s a safer way to secure them and prevent any flying objects if you brake suddenly.

The bottom line

Surely you will have a great weekend with your motorhome, but not before visiting the auto shop for a semi trailer repair! Follow the checklist we provided and enjoy the on-the-road adventure. You may also bring RV Generators to ensure you’ll have a backup source to power your devices and appliances.

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