/5 Benefits of Hiring Auto Mechanics That Come to You

5 Benefits of Hiring Auto Mechanics That Come to You

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Let’s face it, nobody enjoys having to go to the auto mechanic. Not only is the process time consuming, but it’s also inconvenient since you’re going to be without your vehicle for a while. It can also be pretty darned expensive, especially when a mechanic discovers an unforeseen repair that must be taken care of.

All that said, auto repair experts will tell you that keeping your vehicle in tiptop shape is of the utmost importance, not matter what its age, make, or how long you’ve owned it. While many people still rely on traditional garage-based mechanics to take care of their vehicle’s needs, many people in the 2020s are opting for a mobile mechanic, like those that can be found in the San Francisco Bay area.

Here are five very good reasons that might drive you to do the same.

  1. It’s No Longer Necessary to Take Your Car to the Garage

When you hire a mobile mechanic, you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy day to drop your car off while asking a friend or family member to pick you up. Instead, the mobile mechanic comes to you. He or she will have the right tools to take care of whatever problem that plagues your vehicle stored inside the mobile mechanic van.

Going with a mobile mechanic can also save you precious dollars since it does away with the cost of a tow-truck or having to leave your car in a garage sometimes for days. Mobile mechanics are especially equipped to tackle emergencies even if they are roadside, like a flat tire or an overheating engine. This is also good for your car since you won’t need to drive your car once a mechanical breakdown has occurred, causing further damage.

  1. Mobile Mechanics Will Provide Quotes and Warrantied Work

It’s a general rule among vehicle owners that the only way to get your car serviced under warranty is by taking it to the dealership garage which can be super expensive. But mobile mechanics are trained to work under warranty also, and will do so for far less than exorbitant dealership rates.

So long as the mechanic is a licensed auto repairer, your warranty will stay intact. Just make sure to have this discussion with him prior to his engaging in the work. He should also provide you with a written quote for the work that needs to be done.

  1. Mobile Mechanics Are just as Professional as Garage Mechanics

While some people might be wary of a mobile mechanic, preferring instead to go the traditional garage mechanic route, the truth of the matter is that mobile mechanics are said to be every bit as professional. Not only are they specially trained to repair your vehicle on-site, if they find something they can’t handle without the use of a garage, chances are they will transport the vehicle there for no extra charge.

The mechanics at XL Mechanical Service Ltd. are not only highly trained, they possess a vast array of tools that can handle any diesel engine repair. They even carry a certain amount of spare parts, including spare tires, starters, and batteries. They will also have all the fluids your vehicle requires such as motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluids, plus washer and brake fluid.

  1. Mobile Mechanics are Affordable

It’s said that using a mobile mechanic instead of a garage mechanic is, in general, more affordable than taking your car to a traditional repair garage. Why? Garages are businesses with lots of overhead expenses like energy, WiFi service, heat, and security, which is why they must charge more.

Business expenses are always passed on to the customer’s repair cost which is why hiring a trustworthy mobile mechanic can save you precious cash. A repair that costs only $100 or less with a mobile mechanic will costs you several hundred dollars at a traditional garage.

  1. Mobile Mechanics are Trained to Handle Emergencies

Because mobile mechanics are so flexible, they are especially adept at handling emergencies. This can be handy when you experience a road-side breakdown. Qualified mobile mechanics will provide you with roadside safety instructions so that you stay protected while you wait for them to arrive at your breakdown location. This can take on added importance if your breakdown occurs during the night when, if at all possible, you should park your car in a well lit area.

Engaging in a long-term relationship with a certified mobile mechanic is a great idea since traditional garage-based mechanics will never be able to handle emergency road-side assistance with the same efficiency and safety. At best, they will send a tow truck to take your car back to the garage perhaps for several days causing you inconvenience and frustration. Plus it will cost you a lot of money in the end.

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