/Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Jeep (Insurance Rates & More)

Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Jeep (Insurance Rates & More)

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Jeep has long been a popular choice when it comes to sport utility vehicles. However, over time, Jeep has become more than just a vehicle. It seems as though it’s a way of life for enthusiasts.

The love for these SUVs reaches far beyond most car enthusiasts. Jeep lovers don’t just buy and drive their cars. They study them, take trips specifically for them, and even join clubs with other enthusiasts to revel in the love for their vehicle.

So how much does a Jeep cost? People who are not familiar with these vehicles or the die-hard community may be concerned about the cost of owning and maintaining these vehicles. The answer to this, and a few other Jeep-specific questions, might be surprising.

History of Jeeps

Jeeps aren’t new. You can look back over two decades and see these vehicles all over. But these vehicles have a much longer and storied history than just the past twenty years.

In fact, the beginnings of the Jeep dates as far back as World War II. The war effort needed a new four-wheel-drive vehicle. The contract to produce this vehicle was won by Willys-Overland. They produced the first Jeep vehicle called the MB, nicknamed the “Jeep.”

The MB was so popular that Willys-Overland decided to produce a civilian version in 1945. They debuted the Willys-Overland CJ-2A. It developed a stellar reputation as a reliable, easy-to-fix, and almost indestructible feature. And the Jeep madness began.

From that first civilian production, Willys-Overland continued to redesign and produce their amazing vehicle. The reputation and desire for their vehicle continues even today.

Types of Jeep Wranglers

The term “Jeep Wrangler” is rather nonspecific. The modern Jeep Wrangler has many different forms and functions depending on the model or edition. It all depends on the aesthetic and use the owner is looking for.

There are really four well-known editions of the Jeep Wrangler. These four editions are seen most often on the road. Each of these editions is reproduced every year with slight upgrades or changes:

  • Wrangler Sport
  • Wrangler Sahara
  • Wrangler Rubicon
  • Wrangler Willys

The differences between each edition are many, and the options vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some bigger differences between each of these editions are the ground clearance, aesthetics in the body and interior, and luxury or technological options.

There are models and editions of Wranglers that aren’t available every year. Jeep has created more specialized editions that hit the market more infrequently, like the Wrangler Freedom and Wrangler Moab. These models still have large followings and a high level of desirability.

Average Jeep Cost

Some people are turned off by Wranglers because of the price tag. Some editions and trim levels can get pretty pricey. The great thing about these vehicles, however, is that you can really determine a price point and then modify it at a later time. The modifications available are what makes Wranglers affordable and fun.

Average Base Price of a Jeep

It’s hard to pin down the average initial cost for the Wrangler because of the many different options available. It’s better to look at a base model to get a general idea of a buy-in point.

The best model to consider is the Wrangler Sport, which starts at $28,900. Remember, that’s only a starting point. Different options, even on the Wrangler Sport, will change the price.

Purchasing a used Wrangler doesn’t make it any easier to determine an average price. True Jeep enthusiasts will spend a lot of time and money upgrading and reconfiguring their rig, which changes the value.

The good news is that these vehicles hold their value well. Jeep owners even have the opportunity to increase the value of their vehicles with modifications and upgrades.

Average Insurance Cost of a Jeep

Another cost to consider is the cost to insure a vehicle. The best news here is that Jeeps tend to cost less to insure than similar vehicles. On average, Wranglers cost around $100 a month to insure. Of course, that price will change depending on a few different factors. It helps a ton to contact a reputable agency like Sanford Insurance.

One of the biggest considerations outside of the age and driving record of the driver is the type of Wrangler being insured. The more basic model of Wranglers, the Sport package, is cheaper to insure. On average, the Sport packages come in at less than $100 a month.

The higher the trim level, the higher, on average, the monthly insurance amount. The Rubicon trim level, for example, ranks as the highest insurance amount at almost $120 a month. Even at this level, though, Wranglers are some of the cheapest SUVs to insure. As for insurance agencies, software such as the best CRM for insurance agents can be used to generate more leads.

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The Benefits of Jeep Clubs

Some of the more enthusiastic Jeep owners like to join local, regional, or national Jeep clubs. These clubs are groups of like-minded Jeep owners. Some clubs are more strict with rules and membership fees, but that’s not always the case.

These clubs offer a number of benefits to the Jeep owner. Many owners enjoy off-road driving. Off-roading requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. Some clubs are full of seasoned, off-road veterans. They are a good place to get that much-needed help and support.

There is also a high level of camaraderie and socializing. These clubs also offer owners opportunities to ride with others and find previously unknown trails.

Another big advantage to Jeep clubs is their community and environmental involvement. These groups are very active in the preservation of natural trails used for off-roading and rock crawling.

Not every Jeep owner decides to join a local club though. This, however, doesn’t keep them out of the worldwide “Jeep club.” This more honorary club only requires someone to own a Wrangler and master the “Jeep wave.” Seriously, it’s a thing.

Customization Options for Jeeps

One of the biggest draws of the Wranglers is the almost endless options for customization. The Wrangler can be changed, adapted, and modified to meet anyone’s needs or desires. In most cases, aftermarket parts can be added by the owner with minimal effort.

There are a headful of customizations that are made most frequently by Jeep owners. Many owners like to change some of the aesthetics of their personal vehicle. They will change out the headlights, taillights, bumpers, or add decals.

Some owners will also change out the factory bumpers on the Wrangler, but this is a little more involved than some of the other aesthetic modifications. On the other hand, some Jeep owners are more interested in performance. Those who like to off-road heavily or rock crawl will look to make changes that help their vehicle perform better.

Wenches, rocker guards, light bars, larger wheel and tires, or lift kits and suspension alterations are often made in order to boost performance. Many off-roaders will use a process called Plasti dip to help protect the paint job and exterior of their vehicle as well.

Owning a Jeep is a Lifestyle

Wranglers have become a staple, if not the pinnacle, of SUVs and off-road vehicles. They offer a level of fun, adventure, and customization that is almost unparalleled.

When you become a Jeep owner, you step into the Jeep culture. Just make sure you practice the wave.

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