/6 Jobs for People Who Love to Drive

6 Jobs for People Who Love to Drive

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Do you love driving? Do you wish you could be on the road more often? If you’d like to find a job that requires driving, here are some options to consider.

  1. Become a real estate agent

Becoming a real estate agent will put you on the road frequently. For instance, you’ll be meeting with clients at your office, at your properties, and you’ll need to do some additional driving around to run your business. You’ll be hosting open houses, running errands, and driving around to meet with new buyers or sellers.

If you’ve always wanted to pursue real estate, it’s worth considering and it’s not as expensive as you might think. If you thought it would take thousands of dollars to get your real estate license, you’ll be happy to know it’s actually quite affordable.

For example, you can get your real estate license online from Real Estate U for an incredibly low cost. In some states, like Washington, it costs less than $200.

  1. Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you have a regular job, but want to drive on the side, consider applying with Uber or Lyft. These companies are competitors in the same space and have loyal fans. However, you don’t have to worry about picking one over the other. They’re both popular and have their own pros and cons. And although many people have a preference, in a pinch, most people will use the other app if necessary.

When driving for these, or any other ride sharing company, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions you’re agreeing to. Also, make sure you have the right kind of car insurance – you’ll likely need a commercial auto policy.


  1. Become a taxi driver

Taxis are still in business, despite the ridesharing revolution. If you want a full-time job as a driver, consider becoming a taxi driver. You can drive a standard sedan taxi or apply for a job driving limousines, whatever you prefer.

Be aware that to make this work, you’ll need a love for more than just driving. You’ll also need to be good with written or spoken directions, know how to read road maps, and have an inherently strong sense of direction.

GPS will help you most of the time, but sometimes the GPS will get it wrong and you’ll need to read a map or resort to intuition to get your passenger to their destination.

  1. Offer airport shuttles

Offering airport shuttles is a fantastic way to make a living driving. You can charge a decent amount per shuttle and make it well worth your time to drive several hours each way. For example, it’s not uncommon for private shuttles to offer one-way rides for $80 USD even when the airport is less than an hour away.

Your airport shuttle services would be especially important in areas where there is no nearby airport, and in rural areas where many people don’t have access to a car. People are willing to pay a premium for services they need when there’s no alternative.

  1. Work for Instacart or something similar

As a part-time gig, working for Instacart is a fun way to get out into the world and get your driving in as well. You’ll be tasked with driving to specified stores, shopping for a customer’s items, and then delivering the items to their house.

This is a job that is best suited for people who love to drive and who enjoy being social. You won’t have to strike up long conversations with your customers, but you will need to be pleasant and personable for your brief interactions.

  1. Get a truck and haul firewood

People who live in rural areas tend to use firewood to heat their homes in a wood stove. Many people sell split firewood and deliver, but there’s always a huge cost associated with the delivery. Many vendors offer significant price cuts for people who pick up and load their own wood, but not everyone has a truck.

If you bought a truck and offered to pick up firewood loads for less than the delivery cost, you could make some fast, local cash.

Driving is therapeutic – make it your full-time job

When driving is therapeutic for you, it only makes sense to turn it into a full-time job. Explore the options outlined in this article, and if you don’t feel drawn to them, try looking for delivery driver gigs in your area. You might find an interesting driving job you never knew existed.

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