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2018 Renault Megane RS Comes with Four-Wheel Steering

2018 Renault Megane RS -2

Renault Sport revealed today another delicious piece of information about the upcoming 2018 Renault Megane RS hot hatch and even gave us a glimpse of the design. The new RS is the first Renault, and the first hot hatchback, to get four-wheel steering. 

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2018 Nissan LEAF Teaser: ProPILOT

2018 Nissan LEAF Teaser-1

For an electric vehicle which is supposed to be cool and trendy, the Nissan LEAF sure does not care much about its looks. The hatchback has been around for years now without any major design upgrade, but that it about to change with the introspection of the 2018 Nissan LEAF which is due soon. 

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2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE Tackles Nurburgring

zl1 1le ring lap

In recent years the Camaro has been transforming itself from a pure and red-blooded American muscle car into a sports car with European feelings, and that is because of a little place called the Nurburgring. So it was only natural they sent the new 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE over there, and it was only fitting that […]

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Almost 1,500 Fiat 500s Delivered in 48 Hours!


Before you jump to conclusions and think Fiat has suddenly become the world’s top auto maker in sales, let us point out that the delivery of the 1,495 Fiat 500 cars in less than two days – which is now a Guinness world record – was a premeditated plan carried out with the help of Italian […]

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Official: 2018 Opel Insignia Sports Tourer


In recent years the station wagon body style, or estate, or tourer, or whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods has been getting increasingly more popular. That has to do mostly with the fact that wagons suddenly became beautiful. On that basis, Opel Insignia Sports Tourer should be alright since it looks really rather […]

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Official: 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label


There is no denying that the Lincoln Navigator simply isn’t as good as any of the big players in the luxury SUV market.But being cool has nothing to do with being good, and we think the big Navi, at least this new version – the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label, is the coolest one out there. 

Published on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 18:06 by
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2018 Skoda Octavia vRS 245 UK Pricing Announced

Skoda Octavia vRS 245

The most powerful vRS car Skoda has ever made reaches the shores of Blighty in July with a starting price of £27,595. The 2018 Skoda Octavia vRS 245 comes in both hatchback and estate guises and a choice of a six-speed manual or a new seven-speed DSG transmission.

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2018 Toyota Camry – Specs, Details, Pricing

2018 Toyota Camry-7

Well, the highly anticipated 2018 Toyota Camry is here and bot has it gone butch. It’s like Toyota was adamant no one should make fun of the Camry’s bland and tasteless design that they went all out and sort of overstyled the car. Not that we’re complaining. Better to be confused than bored!

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2018 Hyundai Azera – Specs and Details

2018 Hyundai Azera-0

The Azera, or Grandeur, is one of those under appreciated cars in the family sedan segment that really deserve a lot more attention than what it’s getting. That is especially the case with the new, 2018 Hyundai Azera which is a thorough improvement over its predecessors.

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2018 Kia Stonic Goes Official


Kia is in a position now, with the rich they have and the size of their operation, that everything they make has to become a best seller or it will be judged a failure. Well, they don’t seem to have many ting to worry about with the new 2018 Kia Stonic because the car plays all […]

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Lamborghini 2018 Spring Summer Collection Presented in Milan


While Ferrari relies on their motorsport heritage to sell their branded merchandise, Lamborghini has a more casual approach to the whole fashion business, as seen with their new 2018 Spring Summer Collection. The new collection, known officially as private label Collezione Automobili Lamborghini RTW Spring Summer 2018, was presented at Milano Moda Uomo.

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2018 Ford Expedition Gets FX4 Off Road Package

expeidtion fx4 off road

When you think of a good off road SUV Ford Expedition is probably not even the last name that pops into your mind. That name is more likely to come up when one is seeking the biggest utility vehicle to move stuff around… or to live in. Still, Ford has gone ahead and given the 2018 […]

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2018 Audi A8 Preview

2018 audi a8-0

We now have an official date and place for the debut of the all-new 2018 Audi A8: July 11 at Audi Summit in Barcelona. So it is probably a good time to go through the ‘preview’ information we have on the grandest Audi of them all, especially as this bad boy seems quite serious about wanting […]

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Mitsubishi Should Tap Into US Pickup Market


Mitsubishi’s presence in the United States automotive market in recent years has not been a brilliant one. At the moment of this writing their model-range has dwindled to just three cars – Outlander, Mirage, and what’s left of the once mighty Lancer nameplate – And even though they have plans for bringing a new CUV […]

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2018 Honda Accord Confirmed for July Debut

2018 Honda Accord

By releasing a design sketch of the all-new 2018 Honda Accord the Japanese company confirmed the official debut of the car is just around the corner. The event, which is going to be livestreamed on YouTube, will take place on July 14,2017 in Detroit. 

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