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Porsche 911 R Tackling Goodwood Hill Is Pure Poetry

Porsche 911 R Goodwood

We waited a long time to see the extremely hot Porsche 911 R at the hill climb part of this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, and now that the footage is here we have to say we’re a bit disappointed. That’s not because the car is anything less than spectacular. Quite the contrary, it’s brilliant. […]

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BMW X4 M40i v Porsche Macan GTS – Which Is Quicker?


What we love about the works of the guys at Sport Auto magazine is that they are always full of useful, practical information. So when it comes to testing the BMW X4 M40i against the Porsche Macan GTS they don’t waste your time by comparing the looks and equipment. You can find those things out […]

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Watch Derek Bell Manhandle a Bentley Bentayga at Goodwood

Derek Bell Bentley Bentayga

Apart from being unreasonably big, unnecessary luxurious, and unfathomably expensive, Bentley Bentayga also wants to be known as one of the world’s fastest and best performing SUVs. That is the point the British automaker tried to drive home at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed by hiring 74-year-old racing driver Derek Bell for the drive […]

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Sensational Mansory Porsche Panamera by Calwing

Mansory Porsche Panamera Calwing-0

We got more news from Japan, this time about their take on a European car equipped with a European body kit. What 213 Motoring, the Los Angeles branch of Calwing, has done here is add just a little bit of Japanese spice to the handsome Mansory Porsche Panamera to make it even more tasty.

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Black Corvette Z06 Convertible Looks So Dope

Black Corvette Z06 Convertible-0

Only with a car like the Corvette Z06 Convertible you can have two top-shelf tuners involved and not a single mod, because the thing is just perfect the way it is. This American bad boy right here was imported by GeigerCars  of Germany and is now in possession of Cartech in Switzerland.

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Could This be the Next Porsche 911 Sport Classic?


Back in 2010 Porsche released a sort of ‘Greatest Hits’ version of the 911 featuring the very best of design features from all the previous generations. That car, called Porsche 911 Sport Classic, was based on the 997 series. Now we have found a rendering that could be what a 991-based Sport Classic would look like should […]

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Gallery: Valencia Orange BMW M135i

Valencia Orange BMW M135i-0

There is little doubt that BMW M135i is a terribly ugly thing. It looks like a regular hatchback had a bad genetic mutation but didn’t die off, which is a shame because M135i is a damn good car to drive. But fear not because there is a way to at least lessen the severity of […]

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This Japanese Lawyer Daily Drives His Unique McLaren P1

McLaren P1-Japanese-Lawyer

If one were to determine which race produces the maddest motorists, one would inevitably arrive at this answer: Japanese. These hard-working fellas are off-the-hook crazy in all matters motoring, and the latest evidence of this wonderful kind of madness is Go Hiramatsu, a Tokyo lawyer who goes to work everyday in a bright green McLaren P1!

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Final Dodge Viper Limited Editions Sell Out In Minutes


Remember those unique 25th anniversary limited editions Vipers? Well, don’t bother, they’re all gone. A few days after these models were announced as the last production units of the Dodge Viper before the car is cosigned to history books again all of them are sold out, most of them merely minutes after the order books […]

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Giorgio Armani for Bugatti Collection Announced

Giorgio Armani for Bugatti-1

Bugatti, as you know, has always been keen on making some money on the side selling branded merchandise, which is fair enough because making those hyper cars is not as profitable a business as one might think. Now with the launch of the Chiron they decided they want to expand these efforts and so they […]

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Hammer Time: First-Ever Shelby Cobra Is Up for Grabs

Very First Shelby Cobra-0

You read that right. The very first, the original, the mac daddy version of what came to be known as Shelby Cobra, the greatest American sports car of all time, is crossing the auction block at RM Sotheby’s Monterey event in about three weeks from now (August 19-20). You better start cracking those piggybanks!

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Production Renault Alaskan Pikcup Unveiled

Production Renault Alaskan-0

Nearly a year after it was introduced as a concept designed to gauge the public’s response, Renault Alaskan has now been unveiled in full production trim. This rather unique looking truck is Renault’s first one tonne pickup.

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2017 Audi R8 Twin Turbo by Underground Racing

2017 Audi R8 Twin Turbo-UR-0

If you are an avid follower of the tuning scene, the name Underground Racing means only one thing to you: twin turbo exotics. One of the latest creations of these mad mechanics is a twin turbo version of the 2017 Audi R8.

Published on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 7:50 by
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Would You Pay $1.6 Million for This Ferrari 599 Aperta?

Ferrari 599 Aperta-NB-0

The world of limited edition Ferraris is a peculiar one. From the multi-million dollar XX cars that you can’t take home with you, to the one-offs and the lightly modified versions of the standard cars that cost ten times as much, the Italians continue to baffle us with their marketing genius. The latest example is […]

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Hamann Nervudo – Best Sounding Aventador Yet?

Hamann Nervudo-sound

There are countless tuned Lamborghini Aventadors out there, each a magnificent achievement in visual and acoustic excellence. It takes a lot to stand out in such a crowd, but Hamann Nervudo manages to do just that.

Published on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 7:39 by
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