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BMW i3 and i8 CrossFade by Garage Italia


You may remember Garage Italia Customs from their previous works with a BMW which was a futuristic paint job for a BMW i8. Now they have teamed up with the German automaker for a similar project, this time painting a BMW i3 and an i8 in an innovative design called CrossFade.

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Ferrari Marks its 70th Anniversary with Special Liveries


The big news for Ferrari at this year’s Paris Motor Show was supposed to be the debut of the LaFerrari Aperta. But the open-top hypercar was kind of overshadowed by five special edition, Tailor-Made models built to celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary in style.

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BMW Concept X2 Unveiled in Paris

BMW Concept X2-0

The main highlight of BMW’s stand at this year’s Paris Motor Show is the long-rumored X2 compact crossover, revealed in concept form. Although it is supposed to be a jacked-up 2 Series GT, BMW Concept X2 actually shows a rather dashing and dynamic small SUV that could be a nice addition to the car maker’s […]

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Gallery: Twilight Purple BMW i8

Twilight Purple BMW i8-0

It seems like BMW Abu Dhabi has a thing for Twilight Purple, a deep and rich shade of purple from BMW’s Individual palette. So after showing us a 760 and an M3 in this color, they are now presenting this Twilight Purple BMW i8, which is of course the coolest of the lot.

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Bagged Ferrari 488 Looks Interesting!

Bagged Ferrari 488-0

Those of you who know your Liberty Walk kits know that a major part of these treatments is the air suspension system which is what gives the car that unique LB-Works stance. This time, though, somebody decided to just go for the suspension mod without the body kit, and the result is this bagged Ferrari […]

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Audi R8 Police Car Prepared for ADAC

Audi R8 Police Car-0

German automotive club and road safety firm ADAC has commissioned a new show car in form of an Audi R8 police car. Wrapped in a custom Gotham City police livery, garnished with various badges and mottos, kitted-out and equipped by mbDESIGN with a set of KV1 wheels, this show car certainly serves its purpose.

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Bentley Bentayga Stealth Edition by Aspire Autosports

Bentley Bentayga Stealth Edition

Remember that matte black Bentley Bentayga we showed you a while ago? Turns out it was a joint project between Aspire Autosports and Bentley Tampa Bay to create something truly unique called the Bentley Bentayga Stealth Edition. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that this thing is still the only matte black Bentayga in […]

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New Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Is Here

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup-0

So earlier today we showed you an entry-level racing car for those beginning their private motorsport career in form of the new Audi RS3 LMS. Those gentleman drivers who have a little bit more experience though can step things up a bit and go for something like this, the latest iteration of Porsche 911 GT3 […]

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Swedish Forest Edition

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Swedish Forest-0

Aston’s Q department has taken recently to producing special edition models for the firm’s dealerships around the world as a way of thanking them for their service. The latest is this Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Swedish Forest edition which, as the name clearly suggests, celebrates Aston Martin Stockholm.

Nissan Texas Titan Revealed at the State Fair

Nissan Texas Titan-0

Not wanting to be left behind in the pickup truck frenzy that’s going on in Texas at the moment with all the major manufacturers trying to attract customers with Lone Star-themed special editions, Nissan announced the launch of the Texas Titan Package for its main contender in this segment. This model comes with features Nissan […]

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Audi RS3 LMS Racer Revealed for “Customer Sport”

Audi RS3 LMS-0

Audi have enjoyed an enormous success with their customer motorsport program – meaning they have made a lot of money from the R8 LMS – to justify adding a new model to its range. The new model is the Audi RS3 LMS which is based on the new RS3 sedan unveiled at the Paris Motor […]

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Official: Ram Rebel TRX Concept

Ram Rebel TRX Concept-0

It is kind of baffling that when Ram Trucks is capable of making stuff like this, they waste everyone’s time with all that 1500 rubbish. This is the Ram Rebel TRX Concept, a design study for an extreme performance half-ton pickup, and quite possibly the coolest thing ever to come out of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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2017 Ford Raptor Power Figures Announced

2017 Ford Raptor Power

Ford has been teasing us with videos of the new F-150 Raptor taking on all sorts of rough terrain. Now it’s time for them to the performance numbers, which is what the fans of 2017 Ford Raptor really care about as it gives them bragging rights during those bar argument with fellow pickup owners.

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Audi RS3 Sedan Revealed with 400 PS

Audi RS3 Sedan-0

If you like small cars with big power but hot hatchbacks aren’t really your thing, Audi has unveiled a new RS model at the Paris Motor Show which could be just what you’re looking for. The new Audi RS3 Sedan is an unassuming compact saloon with a 400 PS engine, a top speed of 174 […]

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Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver Celebrates Texas

Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver-1

Car makers with a pickup truck in their lineup are rushing to Texas and the State Fair event in an effort to vow the pickup-loving crowd to their product by offering them Texas-themed special editions. This is Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver edition and it’s prepared exclusively for the Southern state.

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