/A note on Abu Dhabi International Motorshow

A note on Abu Dhabi International Motorshow

abudhabi motorshow at A note on Abu Dhabi International Motorshow

According to Dubai’s Radio One, the credit crunch has dealt a serious blow to the venerated extravaganza of excess known as the Abu Dhabi Motor Show. Several major manufacturers have pulled out of the venue due to start on the seventeenth of this month, citing diminishing returns for the capital invested in the displays. BMW, Porsche (which just pulled out of the Canadian show as well) and the VW Group (most notably Audi and Skoda) all cut bait. Who’d a thunk it? The Cayennes, X5s and Q7s blasting down Dubai’s dusty but extremely smooth highways almost outnumber Nissan Tiidas and Toyota Corollas. General Motors, on the other hand, has upped their square footage to dominate the Exhibition Hall in downtown Abu Dhabi. They’ve also setup a test drive program (as long as you have a driver’s license, are 21 and don’t look dubious). GM offers easy financing: “0-new car in 60 Minutes.” As many of the potential customers of the various GM models in the UAE are ex-patriots, or imported slave labor with limited UAE credit, this prearranged financing should prove very successful. Manufacturers  certain to display their wares: Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Shelby, with the fastest production car in the world, the Ultimate Aero.

By Mike Solowiow – From : thetruthaboutcars

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