/2010 British Motor show has been canned

2010 British Motor show has been canned

british international motor show at 2010 British Motor show has been canned

And guess why! Yep due to global financial crisis organizers decided not having it at all is better than planning a show against a background of uncertainty. Attending the show will cost every manufacturer at least 5 million quid.

“The manufacturers are all in the process of making redundancies, cutting salaries, cutting working hours and trying to save money. It would have been foolhardy for them to come to us and commit to spending very significant amounts of money at such a time. Unsurprisingly, the people we asked all said they couldn’t commit, so we have cancelled.” said Paul Everitt, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) that owns the rights to the event.

Everitt added: “When the economic situation improves we will be back, but the truth is that nobody knows when that will be. If there is an upturn in the next six months as sharp as the downturn has been in the past six months, then 2011 is possible. Realistically, though, it’s a date beyond that.”

source: Autocar

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