/Going too fast will void Nissan GTR warranty!

Going too fast will void Nissan GTR warranty!

nissan gtr warranty at Going too fast will void Nissan GTR warranty!

Nissan offers the most pathetic warranty ever with their so-called ‘supercar’ the GT-R! You all know about its faultful Launch Control or the messy gearbox program, none of which were covered in that warranty. Worse than that if any of those features go wrong, Nissan assumes that you are a useless driver and you broke it so they void your warranty just in case!!  Now if you take a look the car’s official brochure you realize there are quit a lot of other things you should steer clear of if you want your warranty to remain! See the documentation after the jump…

As you see Nissan says driving this car needs special skills! So what’s the fuss about all that high-tech electronic aids which make the GT-R look like a playstation on wheels?!  And even if you have those special skills, you still cannot put it in use because as the brochure says ‘Racing’ or ‘turning off  the VDC’ will definitely void your precious warranty! It’s ridiculous, if you are not going to do track days with it or out accelerate other cars or corner vigorously or to do any other racy stuffs, then what’s the point of having the GTR in the first place! Because it is not a proper GT, it’s too ugly, too complicated and too uncool. So the only thing that would provoke you to buy one is the blistering performance which according to Nissan You can’t use!

Actually that make us thinking about other things  you shouldn’t do or your warranty is gone, such as closing the door too hard, putting heavy luggage in the trunk, washing it with anything but sensitive skin shampoo and … !

gtr paper at Going too fast will void Nissan GTR warranty!

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