/Top Gear: Stig to remove helmet?!

Top Gear: Stig to remove helmet?!

stig at Top Gear: Stig to remove helmet?!

Well, that’s what Top Gear’s transmission blog says! Tomorrow night the first episode of the new series 13 of Top Gear, the most coveted car show in the world, will be aired and they say it’s gonna be the best thing ever played on television! It certainly is, but The Stig revealing his identity? You think that’s such a good idea? We know and like him the way he is, and unmasking him would kill all the fun. I don’t care how plays Stig’s role, I just wanna see him hot-lapping supercars! That’s all! But of course this being Top Gear they probably have thought of something truly extraordinary, so it very well can double the fun! A rumor has spread in the web that Stig is the great Michael Schumacher himself! It’s a big claim, but after all, nothing’s impossible! We’ll find out tomorrow Sunday June 21 on BBC2. DON’T MISS IT!

From Top Gear Transmission Blog:

The Mole’s not usually one for open self-congratulation, but since claiming yesterday on this very blog that tomorrow night’s telly show is ‘going to be the best thing that’s ever been on television ever‘, Jeremy has spilled a bean or two about the programme that makes me, well, right.Clarkson has revealed in his Sun newspaper column today that Stig finally shows the world his face.

He said ‘the Stig barges into the studio and in an atmosphere you could cut with a knife, removes his helmet’.

‘As a television moment, it’s up there with Neil Armstrong walking on… the corpse of JR Ewing.’

So, if you needed any more persuasion to tune in at 8pm tomorrow night on BBC 2, this is it.

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