/Video: Birdman’s $2 Million All-Red Bugatti Veyron

Video: Birdman’s $2 Million All-Red Bugatti Veyron

Bryan “Birdman” Williams is yet another rapper who made a huge fortune in the hiphop industry, and is now looking for ways to blow his cash up in the most noticeable ways! I’m not a fan of his music, well I only listen to 50 Cent, Eminem and Dre anyway, but it must be good cuz it’s earned him big money. His taste in cars though, does not seem to be very good. He recently got himself a Veyron which is great but from all colors he went for the all-red. Maybe black or silver are too discrete for him! The funny bit is that he paid $2.1 million for it, almost twice the normal price for that terrible color! He did this just to get noticed. Well, mission accomplished.

The only rapper with great taste in cars is 50 Cent, who has a collection of Ferraris including F40, F50, 599 and Enzo.

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