/Who Is The Stig – Why Do You Give A Hoot?!

Who Is The Stig – Why Do You Give A Hoot?!

who is stig at Who Is The Stig   Why Do You Give A Hoot?!

Every once in a while some British newspaper gets bored with life and goes after unsolved mysteries of the world, chief among which, the identity of the Stig! And then the Interwebs add fuel to the fire coming up with evidences proving the Stig is Perry McCarthy or Ben Collins or… .Some say he’s going to write his autobiography because BBC is not paying him enough, and some other say they looked at some guy’s bills and realized he’s being paid by BBC as a driver, so he’s the Stig, and it goes on and on…

The Top Gear’s tame racing driver is one of the main features of the show and without him, TG wouldn’t be as much fun. You don’t have to know who he is, matter of fact if he reveals his identity it would spoil all the fun.

Please, stop messing with the easy listening man in white and leave him alone!

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