/Would You Pay $11 million For This Hideous SLR?

Would You Pay $11 million For This Hideous SLR?

red slr gold 1 at Would You Pay $11 million For This Hideous SLR?

This car first appeared on the radar three years ago and instantly disgusted everybody in the world of cars. Now it’s available for sale, and you wouldn’t believe the asking price!

Apparently Swiss designer Ueli Anliker, the one responsible for ruining the lovely SLR like this, is asking $11 million for it. For that you get the ugliest body kit ever, some red paint, oh and a few kilos of pure 24-karat gold.

The car, dubbed Red Gold Dream, has some special features, such as ruby-encrusted lug nuts, jeweled indicators, a gold-trimmed interior and steering wheel, ruby-covered switchgear, gold plated headlight surrounds and golden door sills. Even the paint job has has a considerable amount of gold dust in it to make it more shiny.

No one sane would even accept a ride in this hateful thing, let alone spending that kind of money on it. But lucky for Ueli our world has enough clinically insane billionaires who might find this car interesting. You now, after a few bongs and bottles, they would.

via: Motorauthority

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