/All “Fast & Furious” Gear Shifts In One Clip

All “Fast & Furious” Gear Shifts In One Clip

fast furious shifting at All Fast & Furious Gear Shifts In One Clip

Not sure what possessed them to do so, but some guys decided to put together all the gear shifts from all five Fast & Furious movies in one clip. Actually, they might be onto something here. You see, almost none of the cool stunts you see in F&F films are for real, so the directors uses lots of in-car footage with the driver aggressively working the stick shift to make us believe he’s very skilful.

Check out the video after the jump, it’s a good waste of two minutes. We hope the guys who made this soon get a job.


Apparently, they didn’t make this montage all willy-nilly. They had strict rules saying  “It had to be an obvious gear-shift moment, with the hand/gearshift at least partially showing on screen (there are several moments in the films where you see a character’s shoulder move as they shift gears, but those didn’t count unless you could also see part of the hand). Everything else–barring the brief titles for each film–was cut.

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