/Tesla Model S with 85 kWh Battery Rated at 89 MPGe

Tesla Model S with 85 kWh Battery Rated at 89 MPGe

Tesla S EPA at Tesla Model S with 85 kWh Battery Rated at 89 MPGe

Official EPA rating for the range-topping Tesla S have been revealed by U.S. Government’s Environmental Protection Agency, and according to that the car does 88 MPGe city and 90 MPGe highway. The combined figure which is what matters the most is 89 MPGe. That’s impressive. It translates into a range of 265 mile on a single charge. Tesla Model S with the big battery pack is a bit pricey, but as a package – considering what it offers – it’s kinda worth it.

Tesla S with the 85 kWh Battery pack has a base price of $84,900 for Performance edition, $87,900 for the Signature edition and $97,900 for the Signature Performance edition. Or you can have the basic S model equipped with this battery and only pay $69,900 for it. If you have that kinda money, it’s jolly lovely. The car offers great range, it looks cool and it does 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds.

But most people will probably go for the base model with the 40kWh battery, mainly because it starts at $49,900, and that sounds tempting for an electric car with such great looks. The 40kWh version, in theory, should have half the range of the big 85 kWh. So a rating of 44.5 MPGe, and a range of 132.5 miles, can be expected. Now this doesn’t sound very impressive, does it.

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