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Tesla’s In-Car Racing Video Games

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Do you ever sit in line at the gas station, waiting for your turn to pump some gas and feeling bored to death, wishing you could do something fun? You could grab your phone and play a few mini-games or even indulge in a game of 21 online – but how does a drawer filled with video games in the main touchscreen sound? We are, of course, talking about a few lucky Tesla drivers who can now play fun games while waiting for their electric vehicle to charge.

The Special Tesla Easter Egg Drawer Is Full Of Surprises

The drawer is found in the main touchscreen and it comes with some remarkable game additions, such as the kart racing game that Vector Unit has exclusively developed for Tesla. Drivers can use the direct bottom menu on their main screen to activate the Arcade option and get immediate access to the menu drenching in games. If you are a big fan of the Beach Buggy Racing 2’s this edition that has been specially designed for Tesla cars will carry you on no less than 22 different tracks, all with a gorgeous and distinct beach theme. Tesla S, 3 and X vehicles will all benefit from the amazing updates that are going to make a lot of gamers happy, learn more here about how to play.

According to this Review of Slots UK, players can opt for a single-mode game or a split-screen mode and invite an additional player (another passenger in the car) and rely on the car’s steering wheel and brake pedal as the main controls within the game. No, the car will not be going anywhere and it will remain parked for the duration of your gameplay. The beach buggy is actually the cartoon version of the Tesla you are driving and it will accelerate by itself within the game. All you need to do is hit the brake pedal and use the steering wheel to guide the buggy on the tracks. It is also possible to play this game in full touchscreen mode if you find it more convenient. You can select your desired game difficulty level, depending on the type of stressful day you are having: chill, performance or ludicrous. It is also possible to select your preferred game character as well as one of the forty different power-ups that are made available. Would you happen to know someone who makes a large amount of gold? I will be looking to buy lots of world of warcraft burning crusade  gold was WoW Classic: Burning Crusade is launched. I prefer to have someone reliable for this purpose.

Remember the games cannot be played when the car is on and that you should always keep a close eye on any children who wish to play these games while sitting in the front seats.

Have Fun While Waiting For Your Car To Charge

Get ready for some fun Tesla lingo and humor in the game along with an engaging gaming experience in your parked car, while waiting for the much anticipated YouTube and Netflix collab via a WiFi connection. This new partnership will allow you to stream videos while having your favorite drive-in food in a parking lot.

Check out this test video from YouTube and tell me who wouldn’t like to spend those 30 minutes waiting for their electric cars to charge doing something they truly enjoy? The great news is that the game will not drain the car’s battery and it is great to play while waiting for your significant other to arrive from the beauty salon. According to the technical director at Vector Unit, Raf Knoesel, this custom game for electric cars sets the ground for an infotainment center for vehicles, while setting the ground for more in-car games to see the light of day. You can visit https://www.unrankedsmurfs.com/ for smurf accounts for LoL, which can also be played on the system.

Don’t Have a Tesla (Yet)?

Don’t worry, if you don’t own a Tesla but you would still like to keep your kids busy, or enjoy some engaging games while sitting in your parked (!) car during hot, summer nights, you always have the video game system alternative. For most parents adding such a system to your vehicle is a must to keep the children entertained during long drives. Don’t want the outlay of a video game system? Then get your adrenaline fix with some web based drifting games.

Here are a few tips;

  • Use handheld devices for gaming
  • Make sure the battery life is satisfying for a road trip
  • Make sure you can access the internet to play slots, bingo, puzzle, arcade or video games.
  • Pack an adapter for your battery so the kids can keep going while in the middle of a captivating game when the battery is about to die

Tablets and smartphones can provide you with endless hours of fun on the go especially if you play on sites like Joker123, so before you can afford a Tesla, they will just have to do.

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