/Elon Musk Is Sending His Tesla Roadster to Mars

Elon Musk Is Sending His Tesla Roadster to Mars

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Elon Musk’s fascination with Mars is legendary. The man is obsessed with conquering the red planet, and has even come up with a, theoretical, plan to nuke it, so that it might become more habitable for humans. That may be a bit too ambitious, but Elon can do other things to leave his mark on Mars. And apparently the mark he wants to leave there is his red Tesla Roadster

The cherry red first-gen Tesla Roadster is space-bound inside one of Musk’s Falcon rockets – how cool is that? The guy has his own space rockets! – replacing the “concrete or steel blocks” usually used as simulated mass for test rockets. The car is going to be “on a billion year elliptic Mars orbit,” playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity all the way. That is, of course, if the rocket “doesn’t blow up on ascent.”

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This is a special occasion not just for space guys, but car guys as well. And yes, of course, it is also an achievement for humanity on the whole to have a man-made object in Mars’ orbit for practically eternity. Now, some may not agree with the choice, Tesla Roadster, as the car representation the human race in deep space (although the choice of song is excellent). Well, if you have the capability to send your favorite car into space, then by all means do it. We’d a send a Mercedes SL55 AMG. But Musk is currently the only man in the world who can do this, and he is going to send the Roadster. So let us all wish him good luck.

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