/will.i.am’s i.am.auto i.m.pounded!

will.i.am’s i.am.auto i.m.pounded!

IAmAuto at will.i.ams i.am.auto i.m.pounded!

Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am’s dreams of making his own car hits a hurdle as his i.am.auto gets impounded by Hollywood police. And it’s not likely they let go of it anytime soon, seeing as the car – which is basically a DeLorean with a mad body kit on it – has no registration, no licensed plates, no VIN even. So it’s not a road-legal car in any shape or form.

will.i.am did reportedly admit to the cops that he knew his custom-made car was not road-legal, but he wanted to take it for a spin, because it’s a waste of time and money making a car you can’t even drive. Sadly, the officers showed no sympathy to the multi-talented artist.

We do feel for will.i.am. It totally sucks getting your beloved car that you made yourself – well, at least parts of it – taken away from you. But we couldn’t care less about the car itself. No offense to Will, but this car is rubbish. He better stick to his Thunder-Vette. That is much cooler.

via: E!online

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