/Nissan GT-R Track Pack at Goodwood Hill Climb

Nissan GT-R Track Pack at Goodwood Hill Climb

GTR Track Pack at Nissan GT R Track Pack at Goodwood Hill Climb

Nissan brought the Track Pack version of the GTR to this year’s Goodwood FoS, maybe its performance at the hill climb event convince customers that it’s worth paying an extra £10 K over a standard GTR for this model. For that money you get different wheels, stiffer suspension, sports seats, a couple of badges, and that’s about it. The performance looks compelling in this footage of the car going up the Goodwood hill, but 10 grand?

If you are planning to use the GTR as a track toy, then maybe you are better off with the Track Pack. But for using the car everyday, the standard GTR is better. And let’s be honest the standard version is thrilling and exciting enough for having big fun. 10 grans might not sound like that big of a deal, but last time we checked the whole point of this car was value for money, wasn’t it?

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