/Drifting Screws iPhone 5 Apple Maps – Video

Drifting Screws iPhone 5 Apple Maps – Video

iPhone 5 Apple Maps drift issue at Drifting Screws iPhone 5 Apple Maps   Video

Since the introduction of iPhone 5 and iOS6 everybody’s been talking about how rubbish the new Apple Maps is. People are complaining about the weird directions it leads them to, or how parts of their cities look destroyed on the map. Now, turns out Apple Maps also has an issue with drifting.

As you see in this video, once the car gets sideways, the sensors get all screwed up and cannot fathom the car is still going round the oval track. If you look at the screen, that blue dot, which is the car’s position on the map, leaves the circuit and wanders about in the adjacent buildings.

Granted, you don’t need maps while drifting, but look at this way: it took a petrolhead to find this bug. Geeks in thin glasses could have never caught this one!

via autoevolution

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