/Video: Extreme Road Rage – Aussie Style!

Video: Extreme Road Rage – Aussie Style!

Aussie Road Rage at Video: Extreme Road Rage   Aussie Style!

Thanks to the miracle of dash cam, the internet is now full of thrilling, and sometimes disturbing, road rage videos as they happen. But none of the videos we’ve seen so far is quite as extreme as this one. It’s even made it to the national television. It starts with two blokes in pickup trucks having a fender bender somewhere in Brisbane, Australia, and goes on to become a short horror film.

The guy in the black ute chases the poor bloke in the silver truck for like ten minutes and rams into his car seven times to make hims stop. Then he gets out of the car, jumps on the bonnet and smashes the windscreen with his bare knuckles.

Maybe he was just having a bad day! He is now on the run, but the Police has a clear image of him captured by the dash cam. These cameras should become a mandatory safety feature, you know.

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