/Video: Proof That Dogs Can Drive, For Real!

Video: Proof That Dogs Can Drive, For Real!

driver dog at Video: Proof That Dogs Can Drive, For Real!

James May once mentioned on Top Gear that we should teach dogs to drive, and as you’d expect, everybody made fun of him. Well, today Mr. Slowly can hold his head up high, because his theory is now turned into reality by a couple of people in New Zealand. After the jump you will see a dog – a real, live one – drive a car like a boss; accelerating, braking, turning, even changing gear!

The trainers have spent countless hours simulating driving techniques for these dogs, so they can repeat the same movements inside the car when given the right order. That is basically the key to it. Still, it’s staggering how intelligent dogs really are.


It is properly awesome this, but the question is, why? Why should dogs be able to drive a car?!

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