/World’s Most Expensive Car Shampoo Costs $242 a Pop

World’s Most Expensive Car Shampoo Costs $242 a Pop

Worlds most expensive car shampoo at Worlds Most Expensive Car Shampoo Costs $242 a Pop

Expensive exotic cars usually have very high running costs. They require special oil, brake pads, petrol,… shampoo. Scottish company Mitchell and King, who specializes in luxury car care products, has come up with a unique shampoo for exotic cars. And it costs $242 bucks a bottle.

And what a bottle it is. This shampoo is bended from finest cosmetic ingredients, so your exotic car’s sensitive skin is well protected. What’s more, each bottle features its owners favorite aroma – currently they offer Chocolate Truffle, Jelly Beans and Passion Fruit – and has the owners name engraved on it. Other talents of this unique shampoo is being an anti-UV coating and an anti-static solution.

Those who can afford to spend $242 on a bottle of car shampoo are not likely to wash their own car. They probably have people to do that. That is why this shampoo should come with its own security detail, because with its fine blend of exotic materials and bespoke aroma, the butler who is in charge of washing the car is going to drink it as a cocktail!

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