/SRT Viper Track Pack Details

SRT Viper Track Pack Details

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The Viper may look like a big old bruiser on the outside, but underneath, there is quite an athlete. The car has a motorsport career almost as long as its age. It is actually a great choice for those who are looking for an exotic car with track capabilities. For the new 2013 Viper, SRT offers a bespoke Track Package that enhances that experience.

The SRT Viper Track Pack comes with an upgraded braking system that works in tandem with the carefully designed air ducts to provide optimum performance on the race track without fading or any loss in stopping power. The rotors are especially designed with curved vanes which enhance the airflow around the system.

The Track Pack brake setup is 32 pounds lighter than in the standard car. It really shows its benefits in the 100 mph-plus range, which the V10-powered Viper spends most of its time.

The package also includes Pirelli P Zero Corsa, “soft”-tuned, “racing-type” compound tires that improve handling and precision further on the road or the race track. They further reduce the unsprung weight of the car as well, playing a crucial part in the overall performance. The wheels are finished in black on the Track Pack Vipers.

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