/850hp Truck + Big Tyres = 150mph Desert Romper Stomper

850hp Truck + Big Tyres = 150mph Desert Romper Stomper

truck1 at 850hp Truck + Big Tyres = 150mph Desert Romper Stomper

Although Monster released their #RECOIL video on April 1st, this is by no means a joke; on the contrary, this short film presents B.J. Baldwin’s Monster Trophy Truck getting serious, saving a gorgeous GT-R-driving damsel in distress from the perils of the Mojave Desert.

truck2 at 850hp Truck + Big Tyres = 150mph Desert Romper Stomper

B.J. Baldwin is a veteran, four time off-road racing champion. Ever since he was a young kid, he followed off-road sports such as motocross and rally religiously. After discovering the long distance off-road Baja 1000 race aged 12, he hasn’t looked back, as you can see in the breath-taking (and my favourite film of the year) #RECOIL

truck3 at 850hp Truck + Big Tyres = 150mph Desert Romper Stomper

The Movie Star: The Monster

There are many articles out there all praising this marvellous feat in technology, but few that get underneath the truck’s decal-clad body – the guts, so to speak. This is what you need to hit 150 mph in a desert:

Configuration: RWD Front Engine Mid mount cell.

Drivetrain: Kroyer Powertrain

Engine: Chevy 458-inch small block

Horsepower: 850 bhp

Torque: 690 ft/lb

Transmission: Kroyer 3 speed turbo 400

Front Suspension: A-arm with 26” of travel

Rear Suspension: 3-link solid rear axle with 34” of travel

Dampening System: King Shocks

Tyres: Toyo Open Country MT-R 39 13.50R17 Race Spec

Fuel Consumption: 3.1 mpg

Brakes: Brembo 6 piston

Unless you own half of the Middle East, this isn’t exactly ideal to pop to the shops in; however, if you ever found yourself lost in a desert and need to get to the nearest casino, this 850bhp Monster will do the job. Perhaps Hertz should think about adding a few to their fleet?

Brace yourself for 7 minutes of automotive drooling, and make sure you catch the model getting sprayed with sand near the end. Here’s #RECOIL!

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