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How to sell your car at the best price?

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The process of selling a used car is a tricky one, but if you act upon certain measures before selling your car, you can create a better impression on the potential buyers and strike a better deal.

Do a cleanup

Get your car cleaned and make it presentable. Before presenting it for the test drives, you can have a high value along with a handsome amount, if you take these steps. Run your car to a car wash or draw out some time to do it yourself. A bucket, sponge, bottle of car shampoo and a few hours of hard work will be far more effective at removing grime. Clean windscreen and windows from inside and outside. Use Polish and other products to sparkle your car. Vacuum mats, carpets and seats. If your car seats have stains remove them. Get your dashboard cleaned. If you are a smoker, clean the ash trays as well and make sure the car doesn’t smell at the time of test-drive. Along with a detailed clean up, get your car serviced as well, consider having your engine oil changed, tuning and all repairing works done. In order to demonstrate that you have really looked after the car, show all the service records to the buyer. These smart acts can lead you towards a profitable deal.

Check on classified ads

Check out how much other sellers are offering for the same type of the cars. Check all the related classified ads, this will help you out to set a suitable selling price for your car.

Settle an attractive price

Tools such as Kelly blue book and Edmunds.com help settle the price for your car. It requires specific data like your car’s condition and mileage and gives a suitable price keeping in view the pricesthat others are offering for the same type of cars as buyers carry out a detailedcomparison before striking a deal. A highly unrealistic demand can get you nothing but a long wait of months for the calls of the prospects. Setting a pricethat is too low, will also be a foolish act as the buyers will still expect bargains.

Advertise on different websites

Advertise your product on different websites such as ebay.com, carsdirect.com and autotrader.com, etc. These advertisements must be embedded with actual and attractive pictures of the car so that it would be easy for the prospective buyer to have a look at the condition of the car.

Be flexible

Selling a used car involves more face-to-face interaction between the buyers and the sellers. Under these situations, the sellers have to be quite flexible with the buyers. Let the buyer inspect your car and allow him the test-drive as well if he asks. Make sure that you have all the details of the potential buyer like his name, address and other contact details to reduce the chances of fraud.

You won’t encounter much resistance to a fair deal if all these steps are properly undertaken. These little acts will take your time, but will surely result in a profitable deal.

This article’s been written by Justin, currently representing The Car buying Service.co.uk, a company that offers car valuation to get the best price for your car.

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