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FDSH – Full dealer service history

A full dealer service history is important when making a potential car purchase for a number of reasons. When a vehicle has a full dealer service history the car is more likely to be dependable and the value of the vehicle will be enhanced in the case of a resale. FDSH demonstrates that the car has been properly cared for by ensuring it has been serviced on time and in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

FFS/R – Factory fitted sunroof

A factory fitted sunroof is an opening in the roof of a motor vehicle that allows light and fresh air into the vehicle. This type of fitted sunroof retracts fully, rather than sliding or opening only partly or halfway. Ideally, it should be integrated into the roof liner exceptionally so that it is not possible to distinguish it from a factory fitted sunroof.

FHC – Fixed Head Coupe

This refers to a type of four-seater car or a coupe that has the look of a sports car. With this type of design, the roof of the car typically appears as if it can fold back, but it is, in fact, a hardtop, fixed roof that is immovable. Occasionally, the front part of the roof of a Fixed Head Coupe can slide back.

FIAT – Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino

Fiat is an Italian manufacturer of cars that has its headquarters in Turin. Founded in 1899 by Giovanni Agnelli, among other contributors, Fiat S.p.A. has become the number one largest automobile manufacturer in Italy with a whole slew of vehicles ranging from vans and trucks to smaller city cars. Though Fiat is an Italian based company, the car brand has been produced in a array of other countries including Argentina, Egypt, Brazil, France, Indian, South Africa, China and Turkey. Some of the Fiat Group models that have won European Car of the Year awards include, but are not limited to, the following: Fiat 124 in 1967; Fiat 128 in 1970; Lancia Delta in 1980; Fiat Tipo in 1989; Fiat Bravo/Brava in 1996; Alfa Romeo 147 in 2001; and Fiat 500 in 2008.

FSH – Full service history

This term refers to the documents that list all of the maintenance and work done on the motor vehicle. A full service history demonstrates that the car has been appropriately cared and it shows whether or not the car has been serviced on time and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. FSH is important to review before purchasing a vehicle because a car with a flawless full service history will likely be more dependable and will have an increased resale value.

FT/LB – Foot Pounds

The amount of energy or work needed to raise an item weighing one pound, a distance of one foot, used in the measurement of torque.

This term refers to a unit of torque, which is the inclination of a force to circumvolve an object around an axis. One pound foot is the torque that is made by one pound force acting as a vertical length of one foot from the axis point. FT/LB is basically the amount of torque or work necessary to raise an item that weighs one pound and a distance of one foot. This term is frequently used interchangeably with “pound foot” to demonstrate torque.

FWH – Free wheeling hubs

This term refers to the accessory fitted to a number of vehicles that are four-wheel drive. Free wheeling hubs, often called “locking hubs,” lets the front wheels of a motor vehicle be disunited from the front wheel drive shaft. It functions by engaging and disengaging the drive shaft or half shaft from the hub of the wheel so that when it is locked the shaft is engaged and when it is not in locked position it is disengaged. The benefits of free wheeling hubs are that it promotes enhanced fuel efficiency and less wear and tear of the tires on the vehicle.

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