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HBA – Hydraulic Brake Assist

The hydraulic brake assist system determines from the vehicle speed if the driver requires full brake power in the case of an emergency situation. If The HBA assesses that full brake power is needed, it will automatically apply more brake pressure to the ABS control threshold until the brake pedal is released. To accelerate the braking magnitude, hydraulic brake assist employs hydraulic pump in ESP-equipped cars, which is turned on once the brake pressure threshold has been surpassed. HBA can shorten a motor vehicle’s stopping distance to make for safer driving in emergency road situations.

HC – High compression

This term refers to a type of engine that is fashioned so that the fuel substance is compressed into smaller sized cylinder area. When the fuel mixture in the internal combustion engine is compressed into the small space, more pressure is applied to the pistons which results in a greater level of power.

HDI – High-Pressure Direct Injection

This term describes a certain type of injector that supplies a small diesel pilot and also a larger gas spray. High-Pressure Direct Injection injectors are controlled electronically and have the ability to provide power to engines up to nearly 24 bar BMEP at diesel-like ratios. The HDI uses diesel to start the combustion of high-pressure natural gas that is directly injected.

HEI – High performance ignition system, transistorized ignition, contact less ignition

This term refers to a type of ignition system that is electronic and is defined by the inclusion of the coil built inside the distributor cap. Having this coil inside of the distributor cap makes for easy installation and requires the connection of one 12-volt wire. The three main types of HEI control modules are the four-pin, the five-pin, and the seven-pin. High performance ignition systems are popular because the system brings forth a more powerful spark, which makes for a broader spark plug gap. Hence, the fuel is ignited faster, which makes starting more dependable and facilitates a stronger burn.

HEMI – Hemispherical Combustion Chamber

This term refers to a type of internal combustion chamber with hemispherical cylinders. During the combustion process, the circular shape ensures a smooth dissemination of the flame front. With a hemispherical combustion chamber, the valves for exhaust are on opposite sides of the chamber, which allows the fuel and air mixture to move directly across the chamber in a straight flow. However, hemispherical combustion chambers are known to lead to accentuated production cost and poor low-rpm performance.

H/L/W/W – Headlamp Wash Wipe

This term refers to a system in which headlamps of a motor vehicle are cleaned with a jet stream of water and a small wiper blade. A headlamp wash wipe is a windscreen wiper for an automobile that is used for cleaning with water. For this system to work, the key must be in the ignition and the headlight switch must be pulled into either sidemarkers position or headlights position. Then, cleaning fluid water is sprayed onto the windscreen and the windscreen is sprayed onto the headlights in thirty second intervals.

HID – High intensity discharge (Xenon headlamps)

This term refers to headlights that utilize xenon gas to bring forth a bluish light that is nearly three times brighter than classic halogen headlights. HID lights last longer than incandescent headlights and exude more of an unvaried intensiveness because they do not use filament. While high intensity discharge xenon headlights have been ridiculed for being too blinding to drivers, these headlights exudate ultraviolet light and visible light to makes highly reflective highway signs luminescence more brightly for better visibility.

HP – Hire Purchase, finance option when buying a car

This term refers to the legal contract that lays out an installment plan as a financing option when buying a car. In the situation of a hire purchase, the hirer must make payments in installments to the hire purchaser for the use of the car. However, the car remains the property of the hiring company until the remaining installment amount has been paid off. This form of credit allows payments to be made regularly and is an option for those who cannot afford to or do not wish to purchase the item in full at one time.

HPI – Hire Purchase Information, used for vehicle history check

This term refers to the information used for a vehicle history check. HPI supplies private car buyers, car dealers, and insurance companies with information on all vehicles that are registered. The purpose of Hire Purchase Information is to ensure that the car is legal, to determine if the car has owed car finance, to see if the car was stolen previously, and to confirm details about the car’s make and model.

H/SEATS – Heated Seats

This term refers to a feature in some automobile in which electric coils warm the car seats. Heated seats are often considered to be a luxury feature and are used by the driver and the front seat passenger, but this feature is generally not available in the back seats of the vehicle. These seats function through the use of a heating element that works as a resistor to resist the flow of electricity. When the heated seats are turned on inside of the car, an electric current flows through, turns this energy into heat, flows through the seat, and heats the surface to warm the driver or passenger.

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