/Boston Dynamics Galloping Wildcat Is Creepy But Awesome

Boston Dynamics Galloping Wildcat Is Creepy But Awesome

wildcat robot at Boston Dynamics Galloping Wildcat Is Creepy But Awesome

The U.S. Military is seriously after making a proper four-legged robot that can carry stuff wherever it is needed at a pace that no wheeled vehicle can manage. So after making a 30mph cheetah robot, DARPA is now funding a project that made this, the galloping wildcat.

It is made by Boston Dynamics using brain power from MIT eggheads, and unlike DARPA’s own cheetah, it can run, or rather gallop, freely and untethered. On the downside, it can only do 16 mph, but that is probably because of that noisy little engine. Fitting it with a bigger motor will give it more speed. It also increases the risk of it falling over more, but that is not a problem, as the wildcat can easily recover from such predicament.

Boston Dynamics Galloping Wildcat can also be used for emergency response and even firefights, once fitted with a gun and couple of missiles.

They can also use it as a robotic suicide bomber to get back at those sneaky terrorists who blow themselves up. Just imagine how big a fear an explosive galloping robot that looks so hideous can strike in the enemy’s heart!

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