/KFC Go Cup Brings Fast Food to Cup Holders

KFC Go Cup Brings Fast Food to Cup Holders

KFC Go Cup at KFC Go Cup Brings Fast Food to Cup Holders

How American is this? KFC has come up with a solution for eating more fast food in the car more easily. The KFC Go Cup is a like a large bowl with a small cup underneath that fits into the cupholders, keeping your precious chicken in place while you gorge on it.

So now you can eat right from the comfort of your car seat. This complements the drive-thru, and does its part to make the average American fatter and lazier. And the best thing about it, according to KFC, is that it keeps chicken and Potato Wedges separate by a divider. I mean that’s just brilliant!

Mind you, it is not just KFC creating a need where there isn’t one. They realized that Americans like to eat while on the go. For example, one popular minivan seats seven, but has 17 cup holders. What’s more, a study showed 35 percent of Americans describe themselves as “One Hander” eaters in the car – with one hand on their food while keeping the other hand on the wheel. This is an untapped market waiting to be exploited.

They say Americans can live out of their cars for three full days based on the car’s contents, which is hardly surprising, as according to the same study activities like applying makeup, “dancing” in the car, changing clothes or  taking a “selfie” photo while behind the wheel are very common.

The infographic below puts this into an eye-opening, and rather sad, perspective:

KFC infographic 192x600 at KFC Go Cup Brings Fast Food to Cup Holders


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